2018 Coach of the Year Award includes Incredible Opportunity, Courtesy of Jaguars UK

A good coach knows football, a great coach knows their players.

As such we’re looking for the tutor of the game who knows how to get the best out those they coach, whose passion for the game is so great they ignite it in those around them!

Jaguars UK Support Coach of the Year for Second year running!

The awesome team at Jaguars UK have stepped up to support the Coach of the Year award for a second year in a row, and so this year’s prize is a corker!

Continuing their incredible support of the UK game, 2019 will see the Jaguars once again bring NFL-calibre coaching to UK players and coaches as the Jaguars Academy returns.

The 2018 Britball Nation Coach of the Year will not only get free attendance of the Jaguars Coaching Academy this summer, but also a perhaps once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for sideline access to the Jaguars’ Wembley fixture in 2019!

Learn more about the Jaguars Academy at Jaguars.co.uk

We’re not just looking for success on the field, as winning is only one measure of what makes a truly great mentor in this game – not that a trophy or two in 2018 will hurt your chances!

Coaches are very welcome to nominate themselves, however, we’re expecting most nominations to come from players/colleagues. As such, multiple nominations for the same candidate are likely, and indeed encouraged as they speak to the nominee’s ability to aid the football development of all those around them.

Positional coaches, coordinators, etc, are just as valid nominees as Head Coaches as not all heroes wear headsets!

We welcome nominees from all BAFA-sanctioned formats of the game: i.e. Cadets, Youth, Junior, Women’s, University, Adult, Flag.

Please remember only information/accomplishments from 2018 are considered when looking at nominees.

Deadline for nominations is 23:59 GMT on 13/01/2018

Submit your nomination for Coach of the Year 2018





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