A Gift Guide For A Britball At Christmas

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…

Well, damn son, that’s some great Under Armour leggings you’ve got there!


Stuck for ideas of what to ask Football Santa for this Christmas? Well, we managed to find a spare elf (they’re pretty busy at this time of year doncha know?) and sent him along to EP Sports’ new shop which is chocka block stacked to the brim with American Football goodies. They snuck in during the night and  selected this range of ideas to get you thinking.

Stocking Fillers

Need something smaller?  There’s a festive range of treats that’ll fit right in your old game day socks hung above the fireplace!

Nike 2.0 Elite Vapor Socks (£13.99)


Wow. Stockings within a stocking. That’s so meta!

But what is more Christmas than a pair of socks? Get rid of those Sondico knee highs and replace them with some super comfy Nike crew socks in your team colours.


Grip Boost Football Gel 2oz. Bottle (£14.50)


The 100% legal stick’um! We had no idea this stuff even exists! …Does this mean we’ll no longer need to hide a Gorilla Grip towel in our lowers?

Keep that precious new glove tack with  a gel that helps restore your gloves to their day one grippiness when, you could hold a Duke between thumb and forefinger. Also useful to make sure you don’t drop and break any baubles when decorating the tree.


Under Armour Gameday Armour Pro Chin Strap (£23.50)


Your cool hipster santa beard is starting to poke through your tatty old chinstrap. Time to upgrade and add some swag to your helmet setup.


Ask grandma for, without feeling cheeky

Under Armour Coldgear Armour Crew/Mock (£39.99)


Also vailable in colours other than Santa red (you scrooge!) but this layer is ideal for those January/February games and practices where no matter how many reps you’re getting, odds are you’re gonna be getting chilly. Available in Crew and Mock versions and in the colours to match your team, ensuring your #FieldFashion is on fleek… cos apparently that’s a thing that people say.


Nike Pro Hyperwarm Hand Warmer (£31.99) 

Your gloves may be the stickiest, most on-point hand accessories in the history of the game… but it’s rare they’re that toasty. This bad boy’s another necessity for the cold Sundays and midweeks. The insulating fabric and weather resistant shell keep your hands warm and dry, perfect for those cold winter sessions.


Schutt Varsity Back Plate (£24.99)


Provides additional back protection and maximal swag. Also consider a rib protecter as a great way to hide the post-Christmas Turkey paunch.

PRO TIP – even if your shoulder pads and back plate are different brands don’t worry. Zip tie your back plate on – it will keep it secure and now you don’t have to drill holes into your new pads.

Dear Santa, This Year I’ve Been Very Very Good…

Nike Vapor Untouchable 2 Boots (£169.99)


Eggnog-fuelled dreams of playing in the NFL? These boots will take you one step closer. They’re slickest cleats on the market, barring the #MyCauseMyCleats, with an outstanding mix of great traction and stability, whilst staying lightweight. And yes, you can then wear them around the house between Christmas and new years with the excuse you’re ‘wearing them in’.


Adidas Techfit Ironskin Five-Pad Girdle (£74.99)


It’s time to upgrade from your foam leg pads that you have to spend every Sunday morning running around in a panic trying to find, and hopefully Santa agrees. The Adidas girdle is super lightweight whilst giving great protection, using patented Adidas climacool and techfit to help focus muscles.


Under Armour Charged Bandit 2 Shoes (£79.99)


Perfect to go along with your new gym membership that you will inevitably require come January once the #TurkeyShame kicks in. Awesome looks combined with a great fit – enhanced by Micro G and Charged Cushioning technology…. Magic. Enhanced with Festive Christmas Magic.


My mum knows nothing about football except that I play it.
My dad still laughs when I say I play Tight End.

No worries, we have the answer – EP Sports Gift Card





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