Aberdeen Roughnecks Announce Youth Development Programme

Article and images courtesy of Derek Robertson


Following our successful club development grant application to Aberdeen City Council, the Aberdeen Roughnecks are delighted to announce that we have agreed a sponsorship deal for our forthcoming youth programme with ADC Engineering.

This deal will result in ADC being our sole partner at junior and youth level, and allows us to get the ball rolling with regards ordering all required kit and putting all coaches/volunteers through the required steps to work with young people.

As mentioned previously, keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for the latest updates – we are now looking at having these teams start in the summer, ready to play games next year against opponents from all over the country.

The following is a description of what ADC Engineering does…

“ADC is an international, family owned company with a worldwide reputation, gained by providing the highest standard of Rig Inspection services to companies across the globe for over 29 years. Our Engineers are not only of the highest calibre backed by years of experience, but also are able to work easily with rig personnel anywhere in the world.”

“ADC has developed future proof inspection initiatives such as our ICSIS (Integrated Control System Inspection Services) division, dedicated to inspecting and auditing the complex digital control systems, and digital networks central to the operation of today’s rigs.”

“ADC’s Rig Inspection services have inspired the creation of our own online training facility, The VIRTUAL ACADEMY. Written and developed by our engineers, the teaching is uniquely designed to stimulate real competence through understanding based assimilation.”

You can find out more about ADC by visiting adc-engineering.com, and the Roughnecks can be found at aberdeenroughnecks.co.uk – have a look around our revamped website!

Also, you will see more coverage of this story in the Evening Expressshortly. Our thanks again to ADC for joining the Roughnecks family!