AFI | Hungarian brothers-in-arms battling for Scotland’s Stirling Clansmen

American Football International’s Hungarian Correspondent, , took a look at how some of his countrymen have been making an impact on the British game – three Hungarian ballers part of the Clansmen’s recent successful campaign to reclaim the National Title.

By  on 08/09/2017

Scotland’s Stirling Clansmen relied on a Hungarian connection to capture their third British University American Football title in the past five years this past March.

The Clansmen are one of the most successful teams in the 83 team British University and College Sports (BUCS) league and in March with a lineup including three Hungarian players. Márk Poprádi and brothers Bence Kovács and Dániel Kovács helped beat the Durham Saints 10-7 to capture their third title.

The University of Stirling offers foreign students the opportunity not just to study there but to compete in sports. The Hungarians, took full advantage of this. 

Bence Kovács (DL, LB) is preparing for his fourth year in Marketing and has already played three seasons for the Clansmen. He has been the best defensive player on the team for the last two years and currently he is the captain of the defense. Brother Dániel Kovács (QB) is a student of Sports Studies and he has played one season with the Clansmen. He is highly experienced having played for several Hungarian teams. He followed his brother to Stirling University.

Bence Kovács

I had a chance to sit down with the brothers to ask them about their experience playing with the Clansmen.

László Makranczi: First of all, how did this opportunity come for you?

Bence Kovács: I wanted to go to the US, where I had some contacts to junior college and second division college teams. I did my exams but I did not go to the States. Then I made a Europlayers profile and the head coach of Stirling contacted me. He wanted me to play for the Clansmen. I had other opportunities to play for money elsewhere; nevertheless I chose to have a degree and to play for Great Britain’s best college team. This made my decision easier.

Dániel Kovács: I also wanted to play abroad. In addition, my brother told me about the Clansmen detailing the good conditions and the education. I decided to send my videos to the coach and he invited me as well. After high school and 2 years of work I did all my exams. I also kept in touch with the Stirling’s coach and did the entire workout he recommended.

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