#AllDC | All-DC 2016/17 BUCS American Football Team – Premiership

Welcome, Britball Nation, to the All-DC British University American Football rosters for the 2016/17 season!

Congratulations to all those nominated – there were quite literally hundreds of nominees – and of course special congratulations to those fortunate few selected for these all new All-DC rosters, using a different format from our previous ‘MIUAYGA’ selection method.

Before we get into the final rosters however, it’s worth explaining our structure for this years rosters, the selection process used throughout the past season, and noting a few provisos.

The Teams

This preseason we will announce three All-DC rosters – one for each of the tiers of Uniball.  There had been discussion of conference/league specific teams (i.e. 2A South East All-DC), or just a single overarching BUCS All-Star team, but we settled somewhere in the middle.

Each team will consist of a 22 player roster, with some Honourable Mentions tacked on –  eleven offensive players, eleven defensive players. We also reserve the right to tack on a spot or two for special teamers or flex players, etc, however this year we haven’t chosen to do so.

The Selection Process

Last University season we decided to experiment with a new way of formulating All-DC teams aimed at creating impartial rosters based upon the views of those with the greatest knowledge of the University game: we looked to the Head Coaches themselves to nominate the players they believed were deserving of greater recognition – both within their own team, and from those they faced.

Each week Coaches were provided with a link to a online questionnaire requesting nominations – including minimum two mandatory nominations from the opponents they had faced that week, and up to two nominations from within their own team.

This resulted in over 200 submissions, and more than 500 player nominations we worked through to select this year’s rosters. Nominations from opponents were weighted most heavily to avoid any favouritism from coaches with their own players.

In most cases this provided clear information as to which players deserved a roster spot, and in the few instances where there were a number of contenders with a similar number of self- and opponent-nominations vying for a single spot, we consulted with those in the know – coaches, team mates, etc.

However, it’s fair to say that the success of this method was… mixed. While in early weeks of the season we had a massive response rate, receiving nominations from nearly every team taking the field in the first few weeks, this tailed off the deeper into the season we went.

While some programmes completed a full set of game day nominations, it’s also worth noting that some teams’ Head Coaches didn’t complete a single weekly submission – nominating no opposing players, but also none of their own.

As such, if you feel your team has been woefully underrepresented on these rosters, or that a deserving individual has missed out? It’s worth checking in with your Head Coach whether he chose to participate in our nomination process last year.

We will be using a similar format for nominations this season, though with a number of changes based upon feedback from last year that we hope will improve response rate.

The All-DC process is aimed solely at celebrating the talents we have stepping out onto the gridiron each game day, and we believe that the best way to create an impartial and accurate-as-possible All-Star roster, given the limitations of the British game, is to work with those best-placed to spot the stand-out ballers across the league.

All that said, it’s ultimately down to the coaches themselves whether they wish to participate and nominate their own, and opposition, players.

The Provisos

The All-DC rosters are our best effort, with the highly limited resources we have available to us given the scarcity of information available about most programmes/players and the difficulties in communicating with teams and individuals, to produce an all star team for each tier of the BUCS game.

These rosters are intended as a celebration of the talent we have available in the British University game. They’re not intended as an insult to any who didn’t make the rosters, and indeed we’re fully aware that there will almost certainly be entirely deserving players who are missed off these rosters. To those individuals, we apologise.

We have made every effort this year to make the selection process as impartial as possible. These rosters were based upon the nominations of the BUCS Head Coaches themselves, with as limited as possible input from #TeamDC.

As such, in response to those we’re sure will be frustrated to have not made an appearance in these rosters?

To paraphrase Dave Dameshek:

We didn’t miss putting you on this list, YOU missed putting you on this list!

All that said, let’s get to the roster!




Nick 'Willy Tee' Wilson-Town hails from the South West where he's spent the last decade bouncing around various teams at the university and senior level. He came to fame on the now departed unofficial forum thanks to his regularly irreverent Uniball predictions and general 'BUAFL wafflage'. Follow him on twitter @WillyTee1