American Football Shortlisted for 2017 World Games in Poland


On Friday IFAF President Tommy Wiking dropped this piece of information on the football world:

Of the 25 sports that applied only eight made the shortlist and when the time comes only five will be selected to be a part of the spectacle in Wroclaw. Wiking later revealed that if American Football made the cut it would be a six team, tackle tournament. So what are the other seven mighty sports is the worlds greatest game up against? Well according to Wiking’s twitter; speedway, chess, conducir (anyone know what this is? I believe it’s from the Spanish to lead or drive), baseball, kickboxing, in-door rowing and futsal. Let us be honest here, are in-door rowing and chess going to cut it as spectator sports for a multidisciplinary tournament that aims to exceed the importance of each world championship that’s organised by its individual federation? Maybe not.

Clearly the aim of the World Games is to add sports that are not a part of the Olympics, and with football growing faster than most with its international scheduling these days making it more accessible to Europe, I would hazard a guess that including a six team, tackle tournament, likely consisting of the USA, Canada and at least three European nations would be a good place to start in order to gain more recognition.

As of this moment, the decision on the shortlist is not final, but as Tommy said, he has it on good authority and so we can look forward to more details soon.