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How would you like a chance to work alongside others from across the breadth of the #BritballNation in increasing access to and awareness of the game we all know and love?

We’ve made great strides in the past year in expanding and enhancing what DC do, and the way we do it. As such, even though there’s more of us involved than ever before, we’re still looking for even more contributors to help us #GrowTheGame and share their passion for the sport we all love.

For details about the currently recruiting roles and how to apply, please see below:

BUCS Conference Correspondent 2018/19

The British University is the way many Britballers are first introduced to the sport and the with the ever-increasing quality of the football being played, is a great route into the game for young athletes.

This role will entail taking responsibility for assisting with the coverage of the Britball format with the largest number of teams – the BUCS leagues boasting 81 teams for the 2018/19 season!

Depending on the number of correspondents recruited, each correspondent will likely be assigned to a particular conference.

Those appointed will be expected to establish regular contact with the programmes within their assigned conference and gain a good knowledge of each programme’s history, performance, and current roster.

Content production responsibilities will include:
  • Weekly preview for all fixtures within their assigned conference
  • News articles relating to programmes within assigned conference

It will be expected that those appointed to a Conference Correspondent position will fulfil these minimum obligations on a consistent basis and those who feel they are unlikely to have the free time to do so may not wish to apply.

Conference Correspondents will also be encouraged to show initiative in working with their programmes to produce content that shows off the quality of both the teams and players in their conference, with their own conference-specific section of the website they can take the lead on and shape to reflect their corner of the #BritballNation.

Applicant Specification:
  • It is highly preferred that applicants should have a good knowledge, and great passion for British American Football.
  • Particularly strong knowledge of a specific conference or region would be highly valued, however we should note that these are public roles, your articles and game predictions will include author information and so applicants may want to consider this when applying for a conference within which they themselves have an active role and consider whether this might represent a conflict of interest.
  • Experience with writing for the web and copy writing are preferred, but not essential. DC will work with new writers to bring them in line with style and tone guidelines.
  • These positions would particularly suit those with aspirations of a future career in journalism or broadcasting, particularly in the areas of sports and internet journalism. Your work will be presented to an audience of thousands of readers/viewers and via Double Coverage you will have access to opportunities to gain great career-relevant experience.
  • Awareness of social media and an understanding of internet analytics would be preferred. A Facebook account is essential.

Please note that at present these positions are not financially reimbursed. DC is currently an entirely voluntary organisation and we are only now beginning down the path to truly engage with growing the game and broaching the gap between the #BritballNation and the wider UK sporting audience.

While our goal is to grow to the point where we can offer financial support to our contributors, at present compensation for time invested working with Double Coverage will come through the knowledge that you are helping grow the game within the UK. And if that alone doesn’t float your boat we will also be working to provide our contributors with opportunities, rewards, benefits and discounts exclusive to those who are part of #TeamDC.

We have established great links with the Jacksonville Jaguars, NFL UK, worked with BAFA to cover their large scale, even international, events,  sent team members to NFL International Series team training sessions and press conferences, chatted about the state of the game with multiple Super Bowl winners, attended exclusive industry press events – and we envisage this being just the beginning!

How to apply:

To apply, please send the following to

Personal information:

  • Name
  • Preferred method of contact (email/Facebook/Telephone #, please supply)
  • Existing/previous/future affiliations with any British American Football Programmes


  • Please supply a brief summary of any previous experience you feel is relevant to the role
  • Please briefly note any technical skills you feel would be of benefit to DC – e.g. experience with image or video editing, web design, etc.

Personal Statement:

  • A couple of sentences on what you think you can bring to DC, but also what you believe DC can do for you, your career- or Britball-related aspirations.

Please submit these four sections of information in an application to

If you have any queries or questions about the roles, or other potential opportunities to get involved, please feel free to get in touch at, or via our Facebook page.