BAFA Announce New Strategic Plan Following Community Consultation

Following consultation with the British American football community in April, the British American Football Association have announced a new four-year strategic plan focused upon enhancing and growing the sport.

Aimed to kick off in 2018 and with immediate one-year goals that will lay the foundation for development over the following years, the plan includes a call to arms for support from within and without the community.

Hopes within the community are that greater engagement and involvement with a wider range of Britballers will go some way to assisting BAFA shed the ‘closed book’ reputation they have built over the years, and that better cooperation and coordination with partners will allow the sport to flourish in areas where it has traditionally struggled.


Governing Body release priorities.

Earlier in the year BAFA consulted with its membership, in an open and frank discussion. Many points were raised and these have been distilled into a 4-year plan with first year goals.

For the rest of 2017 BAFA will be looking to form working parties to implement the identified goals.

BAFA Chairman Martin Cockerill stated

“The feedback on both BAFA shortcomings and things it does well was a great exercise and has helped us to formulate a strategic plan that will enhance and grow the sport, as well as bed in and improve the governance changes that took place in 2016, year one of the plan is to start in 2018 with some key goals to hit which will be the foundation for the remaining 3 years, we are looking both from within the Britball family and externally, for people to help us achieve so if you feel you can contribute to the development and growth of the game in those year one key targets please get in touch with us at”

This is a great time for people to get involved and help improve and grow the sport we all love.

A copy of the Plan can be found in the Corporate Documents section of the website, located under Governance.”

The document itself is well worth a read, particularly to explore the One- and Four-Year Organisational Objectives.

You can view the Strategic plan below, or download it for your mobile or tablet.

BAFA strategic plan 2017-2021 Final (1)




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