BAFA Announce Updated Fees – 2019-20 Team and Member Fees Confirmed

The British American Football Association have announced changes to their fee structures for the upcoming 2019/20 British American Football Calendar.

These fees follow a review of BAFA’s charges, with the goal to align the sport’s fees with both the NGB’s strategic priorities, as well as provide a sustainable level of income to maintain the administration of the sport at a National Level.

For the large part, this will see many fees increase marginally, as well as some new fees introduced. However, in areas with a particular strategic focus upon growth, such as the development formats of U19’s football and below, many fees have been reduced to encourage increased participation.


BAFA announce updated fees

Monday, September 9, 2019

Following a review, team and member fees for the 2019-2020 period have been confirmed

A review of fees charged by BAFA has been undertaken, as committed to by the new BAFA Board at the AGM in September 2018. There were two broad objectives for the review – to align fees as best as possible to our strategic priorities and to make sure there was a sustainable level of income to maintain the administration of the sport at a National Level going forward.

How was this done?

In practical terms this meant comparing BAFA’s fees to other sports and activities in the UK, with the fees charged by other European countries for American football and speaking to influencers and key volunteers across our sports to gain a view on what was an acceptable level and structure. This included administrators and team managers.

What did this determine?

The main findings were as follows:

  • On the whole BAFA fees are lower than equivalent fees in Europe for both flag and especially contact players
  • Other team sports in the UK charge more to join their NGB than BAFA
  • What the fees are used for is not well understood
  • It was felt large increases, even if justifiable, would not be well received by the community
  • Some admin activities are carried out without charge that cost BAFA time / resources

It was decided where possible to align and simplify the fee structure, with modest increases for participants where these were significantly below the fees in other countries and to reassess the levels each year for the next few years. This means players should expect modest increases each year for the foreseeable future. Team fees will not change from 2018/19 levels – we know in our member clubs these are paid for by players in reality.

Headline changes from 1 Oct 2019
  • Increase to contact player fees for both adult and women’s contact categories – from £35 to £50 for adult contact and £33 to £50 for women’s contact. Associate adult contact player fees also increase from £25 to £40
  • A modest reduction in coach contact fees for £58.50 to £57.50 and an increased fee of £67.50 for contact player / coaches to cover competition fees. For contact coaches who change their status mid-season to player /coach, a £10 upgrade fee will apply
  • An increase in flag coach fees from £37.50 to £45.50 and an increased fee of £50.50 for flag player / coaches to cover competition fees.  For flag coaches who change their status mid-season to player / coach, a £5 upgrade fee will apply
  • Fee reductions across all cadet, youth and junior membership categories to help support the growth of our sport. In addition, removal of the youth to junior contact mid-season update fee
  • Introduction of one-off event registration category of £10 to cover players and coaches for exhibition, charity or ‘old boys’ games
  • Introduction of a discretionary £10 administration fee for bulk work requests from clubs to the Registrations team for tasks that fall outside of day-to-day support
  • Clearer detail of ‘upgrade’ fees for members registering for multiple formats of the sport during the same season
  • Removal of the free development team category. This has now been replaced with a new associate team and member category to mirror than already in place for adult contact and better align with the associate process
  • Removal of requirement for gameday crew such as chain crew and ball persons to be registered with BAFA

You can find a full list of changes and a comparison table below.

Other changes to note for 2019 – university football

University football players will now register for student football through BUCS Play, as with every other BUCS sport. Sideline staff should also register on this system.

University Coaches should continue to register for student football through the BAFA registration system. Coaches and staff may look to register on BUCS Play as well if they are assigned responsibility for submitting Team Sheets for each fixture.

Questions or additional information

If you have any queries or require further information relating to BAFA fees, please contact

Comparision table of fees
Category 2019 2018
Team – Associate Adult Contact / Women’s Contact £30 £30
Team – Associate Adult Flag / Women’s Flag £15 £0
Team – Associate youth contact £15 £0
Team – Associate junior contact £15 £0
Team – Associate youth flag £15 £0
Team – Associate cadet flag £15 £0
Team – Adult contact £125 £125
Team – Women’s contact £50 £50
Team – Adult flag £50 £50
Team – Women’s flag £50 £50
Team – Junior contact £75 £75
Team – Youth contact £50 £50
Team – Youth flag £30 £30
Team – Cadet flag £30 £30
Coach – Contact £57.50 £58.50
Coach – Player Coach Contact £67.50 £58.50
Coach – Flag £45.50 £37
Coach – Flag Player / Coach £50.50 £37
Player – Adult contact £50 £35
Player – Women’s contact £50 £33
Player – Adult flag £30 £24.50
Player – Women’s flag £30 £30
Player – Junior contact £15 £25
Player – Youth contact £15 £20
Player – Youth flag £15 £15.50
Player – Cadet flag £15 £15.50
Player – Associate Adult contact / Women’s contact £40 £25
Player – Associate Adult flag / Women’s flag £20 £15
Player – Associate Junior contact £5 £10
Player – Associate Youth contact £5 £10
Player – Associate Youth flag £5 £5
Player – Associate Cadet flag £5 £5
Other – side assistant, physio, stats, photographer, videographer etc £5 £5
Upgrade fee – junior contact to adult contact or women’s contact £35 £10/8
Upgrade fee – youth contact to junior contact Free £5
Upgrade fee – cadet flag to youth flag Free Free
Upgrade fee – women’s flag to women’s contact £5 £8
Upgrade fee – women’s contact to adult contact £5 £15
Upgrade fee – All contact formats to all flag formats £5 £5
Upgrade fee – Coach Contact to Player/Coach £10 £10
Event fee – membership for one off events, such as alumni games £10 New
Admin fee – discretionary fee for bulk work requests, i.e. team mergers, A to B roster changes £10 New





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