BAFA Chairman Martin Cockerill speaks on BAFA Accounts queries

BAFA Chair Martin Cockerill has shared the following statement with teams this evening.

UPDATE: You can also read more about Double Coverage’s own clarifications and actions related to the Britball Nation’s concerns.

Released Christmas Eve, obviously the reach of this statement will be limited, so Double Coverage hopes they can assist by also sharing BAFA’s statement:


“Dear Teams,

The past couple of weeks have seen speculation appear on social media regarding BAFA’s investment in the team for the Flag Football World Championship and in regard to contractors.

In respect of the Flag Football World Championship then it should be noted that some of the figures (notably £40,000) are not reflective of BAFA’s investment.

Whilst there has been a gross spend in that region on the event, the figure does not account for income from the players and staff who paid a percentage of their costs to attend. On top of that, the tournament was moved within a month of its start which meant that additional costs were incurred. These are subject to a potential insurance claim. Finally, some representatives attended from BAFA in their capacity of working with the international federation. As such, there is a reconciliation process for costs associated with this.

Therefore, the figure above represents a gross figure. The net expenditure to be reflected in the accounts will be lower.

BAFA and its membership are rightly proud of those who represent our country and we look forward to supporting a breadth of teams in competition in 2017.

In regard to investment in contractors and programmes of work BAFA has in recent years, made a series of investments to support the promotion and development of the game and of the Association.

BAFA has invested in independent law firms to support the design of our new Articles of Association and in the work of Electoral Reform Society to support the recent elections.

BAFA has also invested in media outlets and providers such as Double Coverage / End Run Productions, to provide high quality content of key events in the BAFA calendar.

Finally, BAFA has had relationship with Neil Reynolds who has provided both media content and strategic support in promoting BAFA and its members to a breadth of sporting stakeholders both domestically and internationally.

Following a period of instability within the governance of football in the last decade we are now in a period of consolidation and participation growth which has also seen the securing of BUCS recognition, the development of the women’s game, the establishment of new international programmes, and inclusion in the School Games to name but a few achievements. Investing in service support has been and will continue to be, of value to the Association and the sport as a whole.

Yours sincerely

Martin Cockerill
British American Football Association (BAFA)”

Chairman Cockerill has also replied to Double Coverage’s request for statement about concerns raised in the community about BAFA’s former chair, Charles Fraser-Mcnamara, thought the information shared therein was obviously limited, as those actions that raised such concerns bear no direct relationship with Charles’ role in BAFA.

“Thank you for your email.

In regard to your questions about Charles then there is limited comment which the Board can make.

The outcome of the tribunal which you reference is unrelated to the business of the British American Football Association and as such, it would be inappropriate to make any specific comment.

In respect of any reference to the impact of the above on Charles’ role with BAFA then it is of note that when Charles succeeded Gary Marshall it was on an interim basis until such time the new governance structure was in place. it was anticipated that this would be in 2015 but was, as you know, concluded in 2016. The new governance structure was worked on with an independent law firm and the voting process overseen by the Electoral Reform Society.

As such, once the process was complete a new Chair was due to be elected.

In respect of your other questions then we will be addressing these in due course.

Yours sincerely,


Between these two statements however, this does still leave a number of questions unanswered and DC will continue to chase these with Martin and the BAFA Board going forwards.

Double Coverage raised a series of requests for statements with the BAFA Board earlier in December, and you can view these requests elsewhere on this site.




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