BAFA Flag Adult National Finals Results

The BAFA Flag Adult Finals took place this weekend, with the Baker Street Button Hookers once against emerging as National Champions from a stacked day of fixtures at Sheffield Hallam Sports Park on Saturday! 

Premiership Finals

Eight teams took part in the national top tier finals, and all across the board the fixtures were hotly contested – no more than a couple of scores the difference in most games!

Quarter Finals

Glasgow Hornets 35 – 27 Northhants Titans Blue
Manchester Titans 39- 49 London Rebels
Sheffield Giants 46 – 28 Cardiff Hurricanes
Aberdeen Oilcats 21 – 38 Baker Street Buttonhookers

Second Round

Cardiff Hurricanes 47 – 26 Northhants Titans Blue
Manchester Titans 6 – 42 Aberdeen Oilcats


Glasgow Hornets 33 – 32 Sheffield Giants
Baker Street Buttonhookers 46 – 40 London Rebels

Final Round

Seventh Place Playoff:

Manchester Titans 41 – 13 Northhants Titans Blue

Fifth Place Playoff

Cardiff Hurricanes 33 – 13 Aberdeen Oilcats

Third Place Playoff

London Rebels 38 – 24 Sheffield Giants

National Championship Final

Baker Street Buttonhookers 51 – 31 Glasgow Hornets

Michael Bradley-Banzski named Championship Final MVP

Final Standings

This left us with end of season standings of:

  1. Baker Street Buttonhookers
  2. Glasgow Hornets
  3. London Rebels
  4. Sheffield Giants
  5. Cardiff Hurricanes
  6. Aberdeen Oilcats
  7. Manchester Titans
  8. Northants Titans Blue

The Third Place playoff, Division One Final, and National Championship Final were all live streamed and can still be watched back over on YouTube:


Division One

Division One finals followed the same format as the top tier – eight teams playing through three rounds of fixtures:

Quarter Finals

Carnegie Flag Football 34 – 20 Bedford Blackhawks
Nottingham Honey Badgers 6 – 34 Northants Titans White
Warrington Revolution 7 – 31 Tydfil Trojans
London smoke 26 – 0 Grangemouth Colts

Second Round

Nottingham Honey Badgers 48 – 0 Grangemouth Colts
Warrington Revolution 29 – 25 Bedford Blackhawks


London Smoke 42 – 7 Northants Titans White
Carnegie Flag Football 56 – 14 Tydfil Trojans

Seventh Place Playoff:

Bedford Blackhawks 39 – 0 Grangemouth Colts

Fifth Place Playoff

Nottingham Honey Badgers 21 – 20 Warrington Revolution

Third Place Playoff

Tydfil Trojans 0 – 66 Northants Titans White

Division One Championship Final

London Smoke 39 – 33 Carnegie Flag Football


There’s still some balling left to play out in the BAFA Flag Leagues – 16 September sees the Plate Finals and Relegation Battle games in Manchester




Nick 'Willy Tee' Wilson-Town hails from the South West where he's spent the last decade bouncing around various teams at the university and senior level. He came to fame on the now departed unofficial forum thanks to his regularly irreverent Uniball predictions and general 'BUAFL wafflage'. Follow him on twitter @WillyTee1