BAFA National Leagues 2018 – Week Nine Results

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We weren’t aware there were also Saturday fixtures for the U19s and Adult leagues today too!


Sussex Thunder 39-6 Berkshire Renegades (FT)



Birmingham Lions 30-0 Nottingham Caesars (FT @ HT)


Leeds Academy Assassins 32-23 Chorley Buccaneers (FT)
Black Country Vipers 25-27 Leeds Academy Assassins (FT)
Chorley Buccaneers 38-20 Black Country Vipers (FT)


London/South East
London Blitz 2-24 East Kent Mavericks (FT)
Wembley Stallions 0-1 Kent Exiles Outlaws (FT)
London Blitz 24-6 Kent Exiles Outlaws (FT)
Wembley Stallions 0-1 East Kent Mavericks (FT)
London Blitz 1-0 Wembley Stallions (FT)
Kent Exiles Outlaws 6-45 East Kent Mavericks (FT)



Highland Wildcats P-P Manchester Titans
East Kilbride Pirates 58-8 Merseyside Nighthawks (FT) 

Hertfordshire Cheetahs 13-20 London Blitz (FT)
Thames Valley Tigers 6-22 London Warriors (FT)
Sussex Thunder 0-1 Solent Seahawks (w/o)

East Kent Mavericks ?-? Cambridgeshire Cats (FT)
Cambridgeshire Cats 0-42 Essex Spartans (FT)
Essex Spartans 15-0 East Kent Mavericks (FT)

Tamworth Phoenix 62-0 Merseyside Nighthawks (FT) 

Bristol Aztecs 62-14 Farnham Knights (FT) 

London Olympians 27-2 Bury Saints (FT)

Northumberland Vikings 34-28 Yorkshire Rams (FT)

Leeds Bobcats 0-58 Lancashire Wolverines (FT) 

Shropshire Revolution 7-34 Sandwell Steelers (FT)
Doncaster Mustangs 22-3 Coventry Jets (FT)

Oxford Saints 14-13 Ouse Valley Eagles (FT)

Cambridgeshire Cats 40-0 Wembley Stallions (FT)

Clyde Valley Blackhawks 40-0 West Coast Trojans (FT)

Halton Spartans 43-0 Carlisle Sentinels (FT)

Birmingham Bulls 27-0 Crewe Railroaders (FT)
Lincolnshire Bombers 39-17 Knottingley Raiders (FT)
Humber Warhawks 0-49 Staffordshire Surge (FT)

Worcestershire Black Knights 0-48 South Wales Warriors (FT)

Hertfordshire Cheetahs 110-0 Hastings Conquerors (FT) 

East Essex Sabres 14-26 Norwich Devils (FT)





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