BAFA National Leagues 2018 – Week Sixteen Results

Results and Standings are up to date following an exciting weekend of the BAFA National Leagues!

We’ve got the U17 and U19 tables to update as well this week, so as ever, if any errors have slipped through? Just shout!
Under 17s
Under 19s
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European Championships


0900: Fifth Place Playoff
Denmark  16-33 #GBLions  (FT)

1300: Bronze Medal Game:
Sweden  21-35 Finland  (FT)

1700: Championship Game:
France  28-14 Austria  (FT)


UNDER 17s #Britbowl15
U17 National Plate

1030: Round One
Birmingham Lions 36-6 Manchester Titans South (FT)
East Kent Mavericks 14-2 Kent Exiles Outlaws (FT)
Hertfordshire Cheetahs 6-12 Lincolnshire Bombers ((FT)
Manchester Titans North 27-12 Swindon Storm (FT)

Round Two

Birmingham Lions 19-18 Manchester Titans North (FT)
East Kent Mavericks 32-20 Lincolnshire Bombers (FT)
Hertfordshire Cheetahs 6-18 Kent Exiles Outlaws (FT)
Manchester Titans South 27-13 Swindon Storm (FT)

7th Place Playoff
Hertfordshire Cheetahs 34-34 Swindon Storm (FT)

5th Place Playoff
Kent Exiles Outlaws 0-21 Manchester Titans South (FT)

3rd Place Playoff
Manchester Titans North 1-0 Lincolnshire Bombers (w/o)

1400: National Plate Final
Birmingham Lions 44-6 East Kent Mavericks (FT)

#U17Britbowl National Championship

1500: Round One
Kent Exiles Rebels 14-26 East Kilbride Pirates (FT)
Chorley Buccaneers 45-0 Solent Academy Seahawks (FT)
Etone Jaguars 33-26 Highland Wildcats (FT)
Leeds Academy Assassins 19-18 Cobham Cougars (FT)

Round Two

East Kilbride Pirates 27-13 Leeds Academy Assassins (FT)
Chorley Buccaneers 20-12 Etone Jaguars (FT)
Kent Exiles Rebels 49-7 Cobham Cougars (FT)
Solent Seahawks 0-48 Highland Wildcats (FT)

7th Place Playoff
Cobham Cougars 20-6 Solent Seahawks (FT)

5th Place Playoff
Kent Exiles Rebels 31-18 Highland Wildcats (FT)

Bronze Medal Game
Leeds Academy Assassins 18-14 Etone Jaguars (FT)

1800: National Championship Game
East Kilbride Pirates 51-22 Chorley Buccaneers (FT) 



Lancashire Wolverines 42-7 Yorkshire Rams (FT)
Northumberland Vikings 67-0 Glasgow Tigers (FT) 
Gateshead Senators 25-0 Leeds Bobcats (FT)

Leicester Falcons 43-6 Doncaster Mustangs (FT)

West Coast Trojans 0-1 Dumfries Hunters (W/O)

Carlisle Sentinels 6-44 Furness Phantoms (FT)
Morecambe Bay Storm 12-30 Chester Romans (FT)

Knottingley Raiders 26-50 Lincolnshire Bombers (FT) 

Cornish Sharks 0-36 South Wales Warriors (FT)
Jurassic Coast Raptors 24-40 Worcestershire Black Knights (FT)

Swindon Storm 0-0 Bournemouth Bobcats (FT/Q3 injury)
Hastings Conquerors 0-72 Portsmouth Dreadnoughts (FT) 

Ipswich Cardinals 10-7 Essex Spartans (FT)
Norwich Devils 14-64 London Blitz B (FT) 




Nick 'Willy Tee' Wilson-Town hails from the South West where he's spent the last decade bouncing around various teams at the university and senior level. He came to fame on the now departed unofficial forum thanks to his regularly irreverent Uniball predictions and general 'BUAFL wafflage'. Follow him on twitter @WillyTee1