BAFA National Leagues Predictions – Division Two: Week Nine

We’re in to the second half of the season now, with teams striving for conference titles and post-season berths, not to mention the race to avoid ending the campaign with the worst record in Britball. It’s prediction time!

NFC2 North - Matthew Davies

Aberdeen Roughnecks vs Dumfries Hunters

What is going on in Scotland this year? CV started well and looked like they were gonna make the missing year irrelevant and pick up where they’d left off as a D1 caliber team but they’ve tailed off badly, falling to a 2-2 record with back to back losses to a Glasgow team who continue to strengthen their squad, to the detriment of West Coast and on Sunday to the new boys, with the Dumfries Hunters picking up their first league win! Aberdeen have been up and down – WLWL so far, including being shutout in their last game against Glasgow, but one of their wins was 30-18 against the Hunters which will give them some confidence coming into this game. Dumfries will be buoyed by their first win and looking to continue the streak and get back into the middle of the pack in D2North.

Aberdeen Roughnecks LThis is gonna be another close one I think, perhaps closer than the last time, but I’m still going with the team who took the spoils in week 6. Aberdeen to win.


NFC2 Central - Stuart Dick

Northumberland Lightning vs Walney Terriers

Well, Northumberland, making me look foolish on my prediction last week as they suffered a heavy 56-16 defeat to the previously winless Knottingley Raiders. The facts are the Lightning are conceding 50.5 PPG, the worst defence in Britball. Offensively they don’t fare much better, averaging only 7 PPG. The side are low on numbers, losing multiple players to injury last week. One thing I do know with the Lightning is they will keep fighting to get players on the pitch and keep games happening.

Walney, meanwhile, suffered an equally demoralising defeat as they lost 62-12 the the juggernaut that is the Leeds Bobcats. The Terriers have so far beaten the Knottingley Raiders twice, and lost twice to Leeds, to Gateshead, and narrowly to Morecambe Bay, teams with a combined 12-1 record so far this year. The Terriers will be heavy favourites to pick up the win this weekend when they travel to the North East.

Unfortunately, no prediction from me this week, as I’ll be donning the pads to help out Northumberland.

Walney Terriers LROB: There may not be a prediction from Stuart, but we gotta have one! So…we’re going with Walney. They’ve put numbers up against the bigger boys in the conference, and will take home the W this weekend.


Gateshead Senators vs Carlisle Sentinels

It has been two weeks since the Senators arguably put their worst performance of the season together in a 27-12 win over Walney, a scoreline that I personally expected to be wider. There is now doubting the Senators are one of two sides in the division that are head and shoulders above the rest, and have an unrelenting ground game powered my a multitude of running backs Stephen Taylor, Gav Barr and Ryan Fletcher, with QB Robb Watts proving a dual threat. The currently have the #1 offence in Britball.

Carlisle sit at 0-3, but haven’t played since Mid-May, a 46-0 reverse at the hands of the Morecambe Bay Storm. Those three opponents have been the Gateshead Senators, Leeds Bobcats and the Storm. They now face the Senators and Bobcats again before the halfway point of their season, and I have no doubt they will be 0-5 by that point. We arguably won’t see what Carlisle is capable of until the second half of their campaign, after the most brutal schedule in the first half. However, they have, so far, given Leeds their closest game yet, an 18-6 reverse, so we can’t write them off too much as of yet.

Gateshead Senators LGateshead move to 5-0 in a convincing victory, and continue their march for a division title that will be decided against Leeds on 13 August.



Morecambe Bay Storm vs Leeds Bobcats

Morecambe Bay have been a breath of fresh air to the league, currently sitting third in the NFC 2 Central with a 3-1 record, having beaten veteran sides in Northumberland, Walney and Carlisle. These are the types of new sides we like to see at DC towers, who come into the league and hit the ground running. However, there one defeat was a mammoth one against one of the two play-off calibre sides in the division. They now face the other who or firing on all cylinders at the moment, racking up back to back 60 burgers. Morecambe should be well rested and should put up a decent fight.

Meanwhile, the Bobcats have the #4 points scoring offence in Britball with the the #3 ranked points scoring defence in Britball, so they are pretty good. As mentioned above their offence is on fire, totalling 124 points in the their last eight quarters of play. The talk is they are beginning to get some players back from injury, especially in their running game, and that has shown in their increased offensive output. Morecambe will no doubt prove a challenge for them on both sides of the ball, but Leeds should have too much.

Leeds Bobcats L6-0 for Leeds Bobcats, who’ll be licking their lips at the prospect of another 50 burger, but I feel this one will be a lot closer than their last two results.



NFC2 South - Will Claringbold

Halton Spartans vs Staffordshire Surge

This looks like it could ve quiet an interesting matchup. Both of these teams come into the game having lost to the Chester Romans. Both these teams appear to beat the lower teams in the division while they get beaten by the teams leading the charge for playoff football. The Surge currently sit at 2-1 and third place in the division. However the looks can be deceiving. They dispatched both the bombers and the Warsaw readily, cruising to multiple touchdown wins. However as a team with playoff aspirations then they will need to beat the Spartans when they visit Haltons delightful stadium on Sunday. A weeks rest since their defeat to the Romans should stand them in good stead.

Halton on the other hand have had a tough time of it of late. A single win in their season so far coming against the celler dwelling Crewe Railroaders. Their other three games have all been losses to the top two teams in the division. If the Spartans want to prevent their season from sliding off the rails then the Spartans need to get back to winning ways. A loss here could severely tarnish their playoff hopes which they rode high on coming into the season with progressive seasons of growth and success.

Staffordshire Surge LI’m going to be picking the Surge in this game. They’ve shown that despite losing key figures in the organization in the offseason, they are still a team to be reckoned with and should just pip Halton to the post.


Shropshire Revolution vs Lincolnshire Bombers

The Bombers are trending in the right direction as a team. Already with 2 wins, which is two more than they could boast last year, and with a flourishing youth setup the bomber appear to be trying to build their team in the right way. This will ensure a direct path for players into the team which should sustain them in the long run as they look to build and become one of the dominant teams in the conference. However this week they face the only undefeated team in the division who will be riding into the game full of confidence after a sound thumping of the Humber Warkhawks.

Shropshire have been having a fantastic season so far. Currently undefeated they sit atop the division like a collosus. A stringy ball hawking defence leads the team. I don’t have immediate stats in front of me but I suspect the Revolution have a very nice turnover difference on the season. Not only have the Revolution been dispatching all comers to the division, they’ve been actively raising money for a local hospice. Against the Warhawks they manage to raise £869.97 for Severn Hospice. Beating all comers as well as helping out the local community. Thats something we can all get behind here at DC towers.

Shropshire Revolution LAs for the game, I suspect the Revolution will continue their undefeated march to the conference crown and win this one.



SFC2 South - JJ Segarty

Bournemouth Bobcats vs Maidstone Pumas

I’m back! Starting off this week’s football in the SFC 2 South the Bournmount Bobcats face off against the Maidstone Pumas. The Bobcats are 1-2 in the conference hoping to get back to .500 with a win. The team hasn’t played a game in five weeks, prepared? Hopefully. Rested? Hopefully. Sunday will reveal all.

In their first win last weekend, the 48 scored points over Conquerers will have raised the team’s spirits. Last weekend’s score multiplied the team’s points scored by a factor of eight and will be a contributing factor to their moral for the rest of the season. The team will now be working on moving forward, looking to maintain their drive and push one game closer to .500 and challenging the mid-conference teams.

Bournemouth Bobcats LOne win over a winless team doesn’t set a team out enough to make me confident in their ability to continue to perform, however, I’m happy to be proven wrong. This time though I’m backing the Bobcats to win.


Portsmouth Dreadnoughts vs Berkshire Renegades

Coming off of a long break from football the Portsmouth Dreadnoughts are 3-1 in second place in the conference. Hot on their heels though are this weekend’s opponent, the Berkshire Renegades at 2-1 and looking to claim second place in the division. The team played isn’t to be taken lightly and facing off against the only team to have beaten them so far the Dreadnoughts will be looking for revenge. Rest and revenge, a strong combination for a hard fight.

The Renegades have also been away from football for a few weeks now, facing a team that makes up for 50% of their wins this weekend they will need to be careful not to let Portsmouth get the jump on them and pull one game further away in the conference. The team, however, has scored 16 more points than the Dreadnoughts in only three games, the Dreadnoughts have scored 65 over four games.

Berkshire Renegades LThis could be a close game with both teams looking fairly well prepared. Still within reach of the top of the conference if things go their way. I’m going to back the Renegades for the win this week.


SFC2 East - Lydon Ward-Best

East Kent Mavericks vs Essex Spartans

So here we go.

We were denied the chavtastic Essex Bowl last week so the Spartans should come into this week well rested . Whereas the Mavs stampeded over the Ipswich Cardinals in a 29-51 points fest.

Both teams sit in a 3 way tie with Blitz B for second place in the conference so it is a real must win scenario. Although both sit on the same record the Mavs Offence has been far more prolific scoring 66 more points.

East Kent Mavericks LGonna give the nod to Coach Lindleys boys as we look forward to the rematch with the Stallions. Mavs win.



London Blitz B vs Wembley Stallions

Another tasty match up this week with the dark horse Blitz trying to tame the so far perfect Stallions.

Again this result could have massive playoff implications. Wembley will be trying to keep pace with the Apache and Cheetahs in the SFC 2. One loss could mean potential playoff road trips.

First time around the Stallions raced out to a 21-0 win bit the Blitz have upped their game since.

In a week already mired in controversy and a potential change to how the country is run it seems like a anything can happen type week.

London Blitz LGonna go out on a limb and mix it up. Blitz to Win.







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