BAFA National Leagues Predictions – Premier: Week Four

Both North and South conferences in action in the Premier this weekend. Can the Giants bounce back from their humbling at the hands of the Wolves? Will the Warriors once again dominate British opposition? Will the Aztecs repeat the antics of 2016 against the Blitz? So many questions…

Premier North - Oheeul Choudhury

East Kilbride Pirates vs Sheffield Giants

Back again with another Premiership clash, with the Giants and the Pirates. With both teams having played one game, they will be looking to improve from their first outings. It will be an important game for the Giants who do not want to cement their position as the whipping boys of conference. Meanwhile in the Pirates camp, the big boys of Scotland will look to show they are still the force they have been in the past.

In the first game of the season, the Pirates managed to hold off the new boys on the block. With many positives coming from the game, the Pirates showed that they aren’t as weak as initially thought. The coaching staff have done a good job preparing the team and they showed flashes of brilliance followed by a poor defensive outings. The Pirates have the preparation and talent to show they are still a competitive side.

A lot can be said about the Giants. Lacking talent they are not, but they just didn’t seem to click on the weekend. Whether that was due to the fact they were missing their starting QB or down to some other factors, this week with the return of Brad Thompson and the connection with WR Josh Allen may cause problems for the Pirates defence. Coupled with Martyn Lee making a return to football, the Giants have the firepower to cause some damage. This game is the Pirates’ to lose.

East Kilbride Pirates Black LThey have shown they have some weaknesses, but whether the Giants will be able to capitalise or not is yet to be seen. I backed the Pirates in the first week and they let me down. I don’t seem them doing so again. Pirates to win.



Premier South - Rose Wilford

London Warriors vs Farnham Knights

This weekend the Farnham Knights head to London to take on the conference favourites the London Warriors. The Knights run heavy offense struggled to get started in their opening season defeat to the Aztecs on Sunday and with a trip to the Warriors ahead serious changes will need to be made. We hear the Knights were rumoured to have fielded a squad of less than 40 players on Sunday, which doesn’t compare to the usual large roster of the Warriors.


OC Coach Fields said ‘It was not the result we wanted but now we are focused on the next game’. Farnham’s two touchdowns came from WR Nick Roope and RB Aaron Sekwalor. The team will need these two to have big games Sunday and hope that other players can step up if they want to beat the Warriors.

The Warriors defense conceded 21 points against Bury in their first game of the season, it’ll be good to see this weekend whether that was due to Bury’s quality or the Warriors personnel losses to Europe. A point to note, the Warriors haven’t conceded 21 points in a game since their 2013 campaign.

London Warriors LThe Warriors will be looking to shut the Knights out on Sunday and cement their place as the team to beat in the Premier South. Warriors DE and GB Player Alex Haldane having had his last game for the Warriors on Sunday in their NEFL game, we will be looking to see whether his shoes can be filled by any of the other Warriors strong players.

Bristol Aztecs vs London Blitz

After a strong win against the Knights in their game on Sunday the Aztecs will be feeling confident as they head into their game against the Blitz this weekend. HC Chris Powles said that the team were obviously pleased with how things went Sunday and although there are still areas to clean up it was a good day in all 3 phases. The last time the Blitz and Aztecs met the Aztecs managed a shock 17-14 win having already been beaten 39-19 earlier in the season. Coach Powles said ‘This Sunday sees the bar rise, the Blitz have been to Britbowl many times, they will be very good as always. It’s a big challenge, a very important game early in the year. They haven’t played yet so we don’t know much so will have to focus on ourselves and get our guys as ready as we can. We look forward to it, it should be a good game.’

This Sunday will be the first game of the season for The Blitz and so it should show viewers whether or not, the loss of some of their players to Europe have made a big impact. It’s rumoured the Blitz will be bringing three strong QB’s with them to the game on Sunday, having bought in transfer Stu Franklin from the Leicester Falcons a few weeks back, he will be in attendance with 2016 Britbowl winning QB Josh Adamson and Hertfordshire’s National Championship winning QB Joe Thompson. The big question will be which QB do the Blitz see will give them their biggest chance of winning? HC Damian Anderson said “We can’t wait to take the field for this Sunday’s game against the Aztecs. We’re on the road against a tough side, but we’ve put in the hours in the offseason and we’ll be looking to kick off the 2017 campaign with a W.”

Bristol Aztecs LI think the Aztecs, just.






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