BAFA National Leagues Predictions – Premier: Week Seven

With the Warriors losing last week and the ‘Nix winning by just seven points, are we going to see more upsets in the top division this week?

Premier North - Oheeul Choudhury

Edinburgh Wolves vs Lancashire Wolverines

And finally the Wolves catch a break! After losing two games on the trot, the Wolves finally get a chance to gain some more momentum and get some confidence back into their squad. Following the Scottish side losing a close game to Tamworth, Edinburgh will look to get their season back on track against a struggling Wolverines.

The Wolverines, similarly, will see this game as their best chance to pick up a win so far, but even so come into the game the underdogs.

The Wolves have shown great promise and resilience this season. Although they have been losing as of late, they have shown time and time again that they can hang with the big boys of the Prem. Currently sitting pretty in the middle of the pack, they are competing for a playoff spot, which is all achievable granted they fix the small issue of their inconsistency. The Wolves have the makings of a great squad, they just need to maintain for the entire game.

Lancashire on the other hand are fighting for their lives to stay in the Prem, and from the looks of their last few games it’s an uphill battle. With the Giants showing perhaps a touch more promise than the Wolverines, possible the Lancashire side are fighting to avoid Division One balling next season.

Edinburgh Wolves LAnother easy one to call. The wolves have the confidence and skills to put up big numbers against the struggling wolverines. In the game of two Ws only one will come away with it. Give Lancashire their L and move on. Wolves to W.


Tamworth Phoenix vs Merseyside Nighthawks

The Nighthawks get what is likely to be their toughest test of the season, welcoming the ‘Nix to town in the clash of undefeated teams. The Nighthawks have put away both the Wolverines and Giants – the latter having given the Nighthawks a scare and they now face the juggernaut that is Tamworth.

The ‘Nix showed that they do indeed bleed conceding 20 points against the wolverines. They will be looking to show they are better than the last score line suggested. No doubt the coaching staff at Tamworth will have put some time and resources in improving in the intervening week, after all, with the talent the ‘Nix have they can easily win big against most teams. With some quality running backs in the form of Deji Alli, Adam Hope and Elliot Walters, who scored the game winner against the Wolves and had the most rushing yards, the Nix have little to fear on the offensive side of the ball. On defense they will no doubt come out balling, with the likes of Wayne Drew and Tom Tundurella looking to show the league why they are the best defense in the north.

As for the Nighthawks, they too have a lot of talent, racking up a respectable 70 points over the two games. However, unlike Tamworth, the Nighthawks have had closer games. It will be up to the ‘Hawks defence to try and halt Tamworth if they want to have any chance of winning this game. With the likes of Mike Juniper and Daishawn Honohan, the Hawks have plenty of scoring power, however it is still unlikely that they will outscore the Phoenix.

Tamworth Phoenix 2015 LThis battle of the birds will be interesting. It looks to be an exciting game to watch, with both offenses firing on all cylinders. With the coaching staff at Tamworth’s disposal and the sheer talent on their squad it would be stupid to bet against them. And I have been told on a regular basis I’m not stupid. Nix to win

Premier South - Rose Wilford

Farnham Knights vs London Blitz

This week, the 3-0 Blitz take on the 0-3 Knights and after drawing blood against the Warriors on Sunday they won’t take it easy on Farnham this weekend. The Blitz defense was the standout unit on Sunday, with interceptions from both LB Luke Prendergast and DB Dotun Ademiju the Warriors weren’t able to score a passing TD. Ademiju is slowly becoming a household name after two great performances for the Blitz.

The Blitz offense isn’t to be forgotten though with a great game winning TD by WR Mike Aboujaoude who will be keen to get more scores for his team on Sunday.

Blitz Chairman Henry Charlton-Weedy said

‘We’re incredibly proud of our performance on Sunday. It felt great to be back at Finsbury Park for the first time in over a year, and the support from the home crowd certainly gave us the boost we needed to stay focused right until the final whistle. However, we haven’t won anything yet – we haven’t won anything in four seasons. The time for celebration is over, and we are now 100% focused on our away trip to Farnham. Our game plan for the season is working. Right now we’re exactly where we need to be, and we just need to keep working hard and taking it one game at a time.’.

Although their season hasn’t gotten off to a great start, Farnham host the Blitz this weekend in their first home game of the season. They will hope that the home field advantage will help them this weekend as they are up against the current Prem South leaders. Knights RB Aaron Sekwalor had a great game on Sunday scoring three TDs for Farnham and will be aiming to show his skill against a strong Blitz side this weekend.

London Blitz LWill Farnham bring the Blitz hopes of a perfect season to a swift end or will the Blitz continue their winning streak? I’m going with the Blitz for this one.



Bury Saints vs London Warriors

After a win for Bury on Sunday and the first Britball loss for the Warriors in two years, the Saints will be keen to strike whilst the iron is hot. After already scoring 21 points on the Warriors in Week Two, the Saints will utilise their strong offense, including WRs Ameer Thompson and Aaron Wheatley, who had great games on Sunday as well as starting QB Fred Boyle, who threw for a huge SIX touchdowns on against the Knights. The club Chairman, Shaz Begg, told DC:

‘It was nice to finally get our first win in the Premiership but our focus is now on the Warriors.’.

The Warriors’ shock loss on Sunday will no doubt give them extra motivation to dominate on the field this weekend. Considering the small score margin of their game against the Blitz, the Warriors will want to show that they are still the strongest team in the country and with Bury sitting at 4th place this is the perfect opportunity for the Warriors to come back fighting.

I’m expecting the Warriors to win this one, and likely by a comfy margin as they try to find their identity as Britball’s dominating outfit once more