BAFA NL ’19 | Good Week / Bad Week: Week Ten

Week Ten and… hmm. Do you think there’s a couple of obvious choices for this week’s article?

Ha, you could well be right… but what other teams also had a tough time of it in Week Ten?

Honourable mentions

  • Both East Kilbride Pirates squads in action this weekend came away with nice looking wins at the weekend, as their Under 19s bested tough Scottish rivals, the Wildcats, while the adult roster also remained undefeated with a big win over the Tigers.
  • Thanks to a nice shutout win over the Giants, who were riding high following their first win of the year, along with a shock defeat for the Phoenix, the Merseyside Nighthawks have pulled level alongside Tamworth at the top of the Prem North table. They’re still behind on head to head, but for the first time in quite some time there suddenly looks time there’s potential for some team other than the Britbowl XXXI Champs wearing the Northern crown at the end of the regular season.
  • Wow, are those Yorkshire Rams are really beginning to come to life! The possibility of playoffs might still be a distant dream, but for a team that suffered two shutout losses to open they’re season, posting up a fifty burger for their third win of the season will have put even the likes of the Pirates and Vikings on alert!


Good Week

Titans Stand Tall Over Tamworth

It’s something discussed every year for both top tier conferences – will this be the year an underdog outfit knocks off one of the big postseason faves?

Well, perhaps it seems only fitting that the first team to best the Phoenix since 2015 are a Manchester Titans outfit that, over recent seasons, have established themselves as the epitome of how to build a successful and sustainable football programme!

Coming into Week Ten with their roster as healthy as its been all season long, the Titans turned heads all across the Britball Nation with a shock victory over the Phoenix, in front of the #Phamily home crowd no less! Making it a shutout only adds insult to injury for Tamworth, and all of a sudden we have three one-loss teams contesting the top of the table and the Prem North is looking a long way from the foregone conclusion many were expecting it to be this summer.


Farnham Fight for Success against Exiles

The Farnham  Knights resilience and roster development this year has finally paid dividends, as fans watching both the stream and on the sideline got to see their team notch up its first win of 2019 in Farnham’s final home fixture of the season.

From the get-go, the Knights seemed to be playing with more confidence, their defence that had typically found the majority of its success only with its pass rush also succeeding in stifling the Exiles’ run game. When Farnham drew first blood courtesy of strong running from longtime standout running back Aaron Sekwalor, their confidence only grew, their sideline coming alive.

Though the Exiles did put their own points on the board right before the half, it came on a broken play, and the Knights went into the break looking confident that they, for the first time this season, were putting the stronger side out onto the field.

Two scores in the third effectively put the game out of reach for the Exiles, and thought it’s only a single win so far this season for the Knights, this one was a biggy – there are now two one-win teams in the Prem South, Farnham and Kent, and the Knights now hold the head to head meaning for the first time this year Farnham have lifted themselves out of the drop spot.


Wolverines break the cycle – make a move for playoffs?

The Lancashire Wolverines were experiencing a yoyo season, but for the first time this year they’ve managed to hit two wins on the trot and it’s allowed them to rise into the hotly contested #2 spot in the NFC 1 South.

Trailing by two scores going into the half, it looked like Lancashire would slip out of the playoff race – only for the former NFC 1 North side to make one helluva second half comeback:

Down by 6 with one minute on the clock, Quarterback Josh Mills connected on a 25yd pass to down to the 1 yard line. Having set them up with first and goal, WR Schofield then took a Wildcat direct snap in for the score. Gambling for the win, Mills took a sneak through the middle of the Shropshire D for the 2PAT and the win!

With Doncaster and Chester looking out of the race, the Wolverines hold the head-to-head over the similarly 4-3 Caesars, but will still need to watch out for the Revolution should Shropshire be able to match their record come close of the regular season as the Revolution still hold the advantage in tiebreakers.


Leicester lift themselves away from the drop spot

Disappointed following a narrow loss against Sheffield, the Falcons took a much-needed step away from the relegation berth in the Prem North courtesy of a hard fought for win over the Edinburgh Wolves. The two teams looked evenly matched throughout three-quarters of the game, with each team’s defences definitely getting the better of their opposing numbers.

With both teams still trying to figure out how to patch up offences that are missing many of the key pieces they were built around in the preseason, the Falcons finally found their groove in the fourth when they moved away from the spread offence they’d been trying to make work through much of the season, and instead fell back on an offence more similar to the scheme that saw them go undefeated last summer – relying heavily on their ground game with three standout athletes in the backfield – QB Marcus Urbanski, former GFL RB Nick Jones and the ever-impactful Taylor Brown.

This threat saturation, along with finally seeming to cut out many of the unforced errors that have plagued the Falcons this season, saw the Falcons put together a strong scoring drive that moves the Falcons a game ahead of their rivals in the lower half of the table.

But which teams took a blow to their chances in Week Ten?





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