BAFA NL ’19 | Good Week / Bad Week: Week Twelve

2019 definitely doesn’t disappoint as the shock scorelines keep stacking up!

We’re fairly certain you can guess one of the teams that’ll feature this week… but which other outfits had the best and worst of Week Twelve?

Honourable mentions

  • Morecambe Bay, perhaps inspired by the heroic fundraising efforts of teammate Chris Womersley stormed to victory on Sunday for their first W of 2019 – their strong offensive outing snagging the h2h over the Phantoms and shifting them off the lowest rung in the NFC 2 Central.
  • The Sandwell Steelers seemingly inevitable rise to a title is complete, their 0-43 win over the Romans sealing the deal on the 2019 NFC 1 South title. Our first batch of crowns will be out on what I’ve decided to dub ‘Winners Wednesday’ each week 😉
  • Also in the NFC 1 South, the Shropshire Revolution have kept themselves on track for postseason action with a comprehensive win over the Mustangs. Their season-closer with the Caesars should prove crucial.

Good Week

Wolves win shakes up the North

It was a win very few were expecting, as the Wolves shut down the Titans’ high-powered offence, holding the visitors to just a single score as Manchester saw drive after drive scuppered by penalties and strong defensive play.

Edinburgh’s victory shakes things up at both ends of the Prem North table – not only hampering the Titans’ shot at securing a Northern title, but also ensuring Edinburgh themselves now have a leg up over the other two-win teams in the lower half of the table – by picking off one of the top three outfits, the Wolves no longer need to steal back a head-to-head when they play the Falcons in two weeks time – a win by any margin would be enough.

And, hells, the way this season has gone so far… they might even turn the tables on Tamworth in Week Fifteen! This summer in the Prem North has been anything but predictable!


Renegades rise to the occasion

With their season more than likely on the line, it looks likely that the Berkshire Renegades have saved their spot in Division One with their victory over the Saints on Sunday. Coming into the weekend without a win to their name, the Renegades needed not only a win, but by sufficient points to steal the head-to-head – both boxes they ticked in Sunday’s away victory!

They’re not out of the woods just yet, as both they and Oxford still have three fixtures remaining on their respective slates, but so long as both outfits finish the year with the same record, it’ll be the Renegades who return to the SFC 1 Central in 2020. What’s more, if they can build on the momentum gained via this win, Berkshire can yet play saboteurs to other teams’ seasons as they take on all three postseason contenders in the final stretch of their campaign.


Bulls best Bombers to earn NFC 2 South Crown

Having missed out on a crown last season by the smallest of margins, this year the Birmingham Bulls have ensured no such end-of-season slip-ups can scupper them in 2019 – their Week Twelve win over the Lincolnshire Bombers ensuring the Bulls cannot be caught by any contenders in the NFC 2 South.

All that said, the Champions need to ensure they don’t take their foot off the gas just yet! Having come-a-cropper with a long away trip in 2018, Birmingham know all too well the value of home-field advantage in the postseason and with it looking more and more likely we’ll see three undefeated teams as northern champs, Birmingham’s outstanding defence currently has them in good stead as the #1 seed in the North – a mere 13 points conceded in six outings so far!

Even so, this leaves them only around a two-touchdown buffer between themselves and the likes of the Spartans and Blackhawks, so they’ll still need to keep their eye on the prize when they face the Railroaders and Surge in their remaining fixtures.

Thunder shock Cheetahs with fourth-quarter scores

Our Game of the Week saw a great back and forth matchup between two very talented and dynamic teams, only eventually decided when Sussex broke out some big plays in the fourth quarter.

The win not only allowed the Thunder to impress on a big stage – in front of a large crowd at Herts’ charity event, as well as the UKAFL-provided live stream – but also ensures Sussex still have a shot at a return to postseason action!

The win, and by enough of a margin to steal the head to head over Herts, means that should the Thunder win out, and the Cheetahs come up short for a second time this year against Solent, it should be Sussex that see themselves snagging the crucial #2 spot out of the SFC 1 Central!


But which teams got the worst of it in Week Twelve?





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