BAFA NL ’19 | Power Rankings: Division One Week Eleven

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In the meantime, let’s check out how the Patriots of the #BritballNation see things stacking up in the top tier after the weekend’s action:


No cuts this week as pretty much every ranked team performed to par on Sunday.


Honourable Mentions:

The Sussex Thunder‘s hefty loss against Solent did them no favours, though they remain hovering around the fringes of a rankings spot.

One team that did improve their fortunes at least were the Aberdeen Roughnecks, who racked up a massive victory over the Senators. However, it looks likely to be too little too late for the Roughnecks to catch up and snatch one of the two postseason berths.


10. Yorkshire Rams (3-5-0) | Down One

Truthfully, I’m kinda impressed the Rams managed to hold onto a rankings spot following their loss in Week Eleven, which all but guarantees Yorkshire won’t be seeing postseason action this year.

Still, they held their own against the Pirates for much of Sunday’s fixture, and with EKP having already locked up playoffs, that’s no small ask.


9. Lancashire Wolverines (5-3-0) | Up One

No action, strictly speaking, for the Wolverines at the weekend, but they pick up a win nonetheless with a retroactive walkover victory over the troubled Doncaster Mustangs.

The victory keeps them narrowly ahead of the pack in the NFC 1 South, but they’ll still most likely be needing some help from elsewhere if they want to keep ahold of the #2 playoff ticket – the Revolution still hold the head to head over Lancashire


8. Bury Saints (4-3-0) | No Change

I wouldn’t have been at all surprised to see the Saints climb this week as the stacked up a burger on the Gladiators, but frustrating for the East Anglian outfit strong outings elsewhere leave them stuck in eighth, with their window to postseason action rapidly closing as the two teams ahead of them in the SFC 1 East continue picking up wins.

The Saints march to Ouse Valley this weekend and with the Eagles yet to pick up a W on the year, Bury should be able to stay hot on the heels of the frontrunners.


7. London Hornets (6-1-0) | No Change

Much like the Saints, the Hornets sailed to a smooth victory over a struggling rival, posting up a healthy number of points on the Eagles and ensuring they’re ready to sting the Cats and potentially swipe the top spot when the two teams meet this weekend!

The London side will need to not only best Cambridgeshire on their own turf, but also ensure they do so by enough points to steal the head to head – eight, as it happens.


6. Cambridgeshire Cats (8-0-0) | Down Two

The Cats may have locked themselves into postseason balling with their win at the weekend, but a third straight win that required a fourth-quarter comeback has clearly gotten some of our pollsters concerned that the Cats might be running short on their nine lives.

While Wembley are no slouches, the Stallions have fallen out of the playoff race, and so such a narrow win in Week Eleven means the Cats will most likely want to up their game ahead of this weekend’s potentially title-deciding clash with the Hornets.

A Cambridgeshire win earns the kitties a shiny crown, and I’d also look for them to lock themselves into the top half of the rankings, too.


5.  Hertfordshire Cheetahs (6-1-0) | Up One

The Cheetahs sped right past the Saints last Sunday, as their offence looks to have resharpened its claws after a couple of close calls against Sussex and Portsmouth.

They can secure themselves playoff football in their first year back in the tier with a win on Sunday, and with a big crowd expected at the Cheetahs Armed Forces Day charity event, as well as a live stream, Herts have even more incentive to impress this weekend in their second tilt against the Thunder!


4. Northumberland Vikings (5-1-0) | Up One

Northumberland rise a spot as their narrow loss to the Pirates back in Week Nine looks all the more impressive considering East Kilbride’s sizeable victories since!

Even so, perhaps the toughest stretch of their season approaches as the Vikings take two trips north of the wall in their remaining four fixtures, starting off with a visit to Glasgow on Sunday, against a Tigers outfit that are running out of opportunities to make their own play for postseason football.


3. East Kilbride Pirates (7-0-0) | No Change

Truth be told I expected the Pirates to potentially crack the top two this week after they did a nice job of fending off a gotten-hot Yorkshire Rams side on Sunday’s Live Stream.

Still, it looks like few are ready to place them ahead of either the Steelers, or southern frontrunners, the Thrashers, just yet, as while the Pirates know they’re locked into playoff football, it remains to be seen whether they’ll be doing so with a crown or not!

The Pirates play host to the Roughnecks this Sunday, with a win securing them the title of top Scots in the tier.


2. Solent Thrashers (6-0-0) | No Change

A much more convincing performance from the Thrashers in their win over the Thunder this week, allowing them to fend off any challengers for the top southern spot in these rankings!

The win kicks off what is essentially a run of five straight fixtures for the SFC 1 Central frontrunners, with only the convention weekend giving the Thrashers a break between here and the close of the regular season – no cushy month or so of byes heading into the playoffs for Solent this summer!

The take a short trip along the coast to Portsmouth in Week Twelve.


1. Sandwell Steelers (7-0-0) | No Change

Ah come on guys. At least have a little stumble to make things interesting before the end of the season? No?

Ah well, worth a shot.

7-0-0 with only four scores allowed on the season so far and averaging more than a burger per game on offence? In all likelihood we see Sandwell secure the NFC 1 South crown this Sunday when they take a trip to the two-win Chester Romans.



This year we’ll also be tracking the rise and fall of each team in the rankings throughout the season with this handy graphic:




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