BAFA NL ’19 | Power Rankings: Division One Week Four

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In the meantime, let’s check out how the Patriots of the #BritballNation see things stacking up in the top tier after the weekend’s action:


Having sat in the #10 spot for the past two weeks, a Sunday without a fixture sees the London Hornets drop off our pollsters’ radars and though they’re still getting some mentions, it wasn’t quite enough to remain a top ten team this week.


Honourable Mentions:

With the London Hornets being the only outfit reasonably close to a rankings spot in this week’s polls, there are no other real honourable mentions this week.


10. Bury Saints (2-0-0) | Down One

The Saints slip a spot but hold onto their top ten position despite their bye.

They return to action this Sunday, with an opportunity for Bury to see a big rise up the rankings if they can impress against the 3-0 Cambridgeshire Cats, a team yet to concede their first point in 2019!


9. Lancashire Wolverines (1-1-0) | New Entry

Among the preseason favourites to be a contender in the NFC1South, the Wolverines came up short against the Revolution in Week One and as such it’s taken them until Week Four to make their rankings debut.

The make their first appearance courtesy of a strong second-half performance against the Nottingham Caesars, and will look to build on this momentum as they head to two very winnable-looking fixtures over the next fortnight – beginning with a trip to the 0-3 Chester Romans this Sunday.


8. Aberdeen Roughnecks (1-2-0) | No Change

Despite sitting on a losing record, the Roughnecks hold onto their #8 spot courtesy of their Week Four scoreline – a hard-fought 3-7 loss to a team considered among the favourites for promotion this year, the Northumberland Vikings.

Still, they’ll want results to go their way if they intend to cling onto their top ten spot, as they now head to back-to-back byes, and I doubt our Patreons will continue to consider a 1-2 team as a worthy ranking berth holder if other programmes start racking up the Ws!

7.  Hertfordshire Cheetahs (2-0-0) | Down One

Herts win, but slip a spot as I think our pollsters were expecting something a tad more convincing from the Cheetahs against the Dreadnoughts after Herts opened the season with a whopper of a win over the Renegades.

As is, Portsmouth have also now notched up a nice-looking win over Berkshire, so the Cheetahs dip in the rankings reflects more modest expectations from the newly promoted side.

They take a trip to the Thunder this weekend – a strong performance should see them climb, but a disappointing one could well see Hertfordshire no longer considered true contenders.


6. Northumberland Vikings (3-0-0) | Down Two

Some harsh treatment for the Vikings by our Patreons this week as they slide two spots despite picking up their third win of the season in Week Four!

In truth, this likely reflects the modest margin of victory the Vikings produced, a narrow 3-7 win over the recently promoted Roughnecks.

Though some pollsters are still placing this outfit as a true promotion contender, others clearly think they lack the punch to swing for promotion to the Premiership, and so the Vikings settle into sixth.

They head to a bye before taking on local rivals, the Senators, in Week Six.

5. East Kilbride Pirates (1-0-0) | Up Two

EKP climb a spot despite no action since Week One as their strong win over the Roughnecks continues to look more impressive as each weekend of fixtures goes by.

We’ll finally see the Pirates back in action again this Sunday as they play host to a Yorkshire Rams side that will be eager to continue building back up after a surprisingly slow start to 2019.


4. Sussex Thunder (1-1-0) | Up One


A good way of losing, but winning? Put in a performance that sees you come oh-so-close to knocking off the promotion favourites from the south!

Thunder may have dropped to 1-1 with a loss to Solent on Sunday, but in fact climb a spot in the rankings having led for the vast majority of their clash with the Thrashers.

They were the only team out of the two to post up an offensive touchdown and were only eventually laid low by a superb special teams effort from the Thrashers return man.

They’ll look to bounce back against the Cheetahs on Sunday.


3. Cambridgeshire Cats (3-0-0) | No Change

Though they didn’t actually end up seeing action in Week Four after the Eagles felt forced to forfeit, the Cats nonetheless advance to 3-0 and put in a very strong challenge for #2 spot in these rankings – many of our Patreons currently considering the Cats as their favourites for promotion out of the South!

They’re right back on the Gridiron this Sunday with a very meaningful matchup against the similarly undefeated Bury Saints. A big win here and surely the Cats will have a strong claim on the #2 spot, or even higher!


2. Solent Thrashers (3-0-0) | No Change

Solent’s win streak survives by the skin of their teeth as a Sussex side they beat comfortable on both occasions last summer gave them quite a scare!

They’re perfect at 3-0, but as three-straight bye weeks beckon they’ll need results to go their way to remain the top side in the south.

We’ll finally see Solent again in Week Eight, hosting Hertfordshire.


1. Sandwell Steelers (4-0-0) | No Change

A fifty burger… in the first half. Ouch.

Sandwell head to their fifth-straight fixture this weekend as they take on the Mustangs for a second time this season, and honestly we’d be surprised if they don’t fire up the barbie once again!



This year we’ll also be tracking the rise and fall of each team in the rankings throughout the season with this handy graphic:




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