BAFA NL ’19 | Power Rankings: Division One Week Thirteen

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In the meantime, let’s check out how the Patriots of the #BritballNation see things stacking up in the top tier after the weekend’s action:


No Cuts this week.

Honourable Mentions:

The Wolverines had a surprisingly tough time against the Chester Romans, which doesn’t necessarily bode well for their postseason hopes, that likely rely on them getting the better of the powerhouse that are the Sandwell Steelers.

The Nottingham Caesars‘ postseason chances are looking fairly slim, but if they can put down the Revolution they can themselves a glimmer of hope…


10. Bury Saints (5-3-0) | Down One

The Saints won’t be returning to top tier football this season, but even so they’ve done a good job of avoiding the slide some teams take once they find themselves dropped out of the top tier of the game.

Despite their winless 2018 campaign they’ve managed to maintain enough of a roster coming into this summer to more than hold their own throughout the year, and though playoffs are now out of reach, we’re talking a margin of a score or two here and there between the Saints’ season ending, and their doge logo getting itself another crown to wear.

They’ll taken on a Hornets side that narrowly got the better of them earlier in the year, this Sunday.


9. Shropshire Revolution (5-3-0) | Up One

The Revolution rise a spot, though they didn’t see any action in Week Thirteen.

Their fates, however, are at least in their own hands as should they win out, or potentially at least get the better of the Caesars, they should be on track to narrowly clinch the #2 spot out of the NFC 1 South and into playoffs.

A W against the Steelers would go a long way towards that goal, but it’s a big ask considering no teams have come closer to blunting the Steelers so far this summer.


8.  Hertfordshire Cheetahs (6-2-0) | No Change

Having sat high in the rankings for much of the year, the Cheetahs might have won in Week Thirteen, but not convincingly enough to see them reclimb the rankings.

In truth, the revived-looking Renegades gave the Cheetahs quite a scare. Having bested the Berkshire side comfortably in Week One, Hertfordshire had a tough time of it in this second outing, eventually securing the W but by a much more narrow margin than one would expect from a team competing for playoffs against one at risk of relegation.

Herts head to a bye, but will be watching Sunday’s scorelines closely as their playoff aspirations could well rely on either the Thunder or Thrashers slipping up.


7. London Hornets (8-1-0) | Down One

The Hornets got the better of their local London rivals, but as seems to be the norm for the SFC 1 East, only a narrow margin kept them from having to head into this weekend’s game against the Saints with their postseason berth still up for grabs.

As is, they’re locked into playoff football, and a win against Bury on Sunday would also keep them in the title race… Though it’d take help from the Gladiators beating the Cats to see that come to fruition.


6. Sussex Thunder (5-3-0) | Up One

It wasn’t so long ago the Thunder were looking out of the race for postseason action, having taken a heavy loss to the Thrashers back in Week Ten. Sat at .500 on the year with the Cheetahs and Thrashers outpacing the rest of the Central conference, Sussex bounced back in a big way against Herts and as such are currently on track to potentially swipe a playoff berth, with only the one-win-a-piece Saints and Renegades standing in their way.

They’ll travel to the temporarily rehomed Saints, this Sunday.


5. Cambridgeshire Cats (8-1-0) | No Change

Cats stay put in fifth, though I have a sneaky suspicion they could be a bit of dark horse in the postseason courtesy of their impressively stingy defence.

They’re still very much on track to wear the Eastern crown, though if the Hornets win this weekend they’ll have to wait until Week Sixteen to secure the title.


4. Northumberland Vikings (7-1-0) | No Change

And things continue to stay pretty familiar from here upwards, too, as we see the top few teams that have been amongst the favourites to contest promotion all season long stay locked in their respective spots.

The one-loss Vikings may boast the best defence in the NFC 1 North, but they’ll need to put in its strongest showing to date as they hit the road to Scotland this Sunday, taking on the East Kilbride Pirates in a fixture that all-but decides who’ll take the title and homefield advantage heading into playoffs.

There was only three points in it when the two sides met earlier this summer, and the Vikings haven’t conceded a single score since, coming into this game riding a two-game shutout streak…


3. East Kilbride Pirates (9-0-0) | No Change

…Though it’s not like the Pirates haven’t been equally impressive, though on the other side of the football!

Fifty burger wins over Aberdeen and Gateshead mean the Pirates are coming into this game with great momentum and with the UKAFL crew headed north of the wall to bring us an extra bonus stream, this should be an absolute corker of a probable title-decider!


2. Solent Thrashers (8-0-0) | No Change

Solent seal the deal on back to back titles with a win over the Renegades this weekend. They’ll come in confident having looked a cut above their Central contenders all season long, and knowing they comfortably got the better of Berkshire 28-0 earlier this season.

However, it’s worth remembering we saw a similarly undefeated Solent side come into the home stretch of their 2018 season looking untouchable, only to slip up against the Renegades – ruining their undefeated run.

Might history repeat itself against a Berkshire outfit that have been buoyed by steadily-improving performances in recent weeks?


1. Sandwell Steelers (8-0-0) | No Change

The NFC 1 South title is finally theirs, but there’s still potentially a lot to play for for the Steelers entering their final two fixtures.

First up, an undefeated season with a few points as possible conceded has to be the key, so while Sandwell might be tempted to rest some starters, they’ll need to ensure they don’t let standards drop too low else risk slipping from the #1 seeding.

Secondly, they’re currently just a single point scored shy of averaging more than a fifty burger in every single fixture this season… Can the Steelers find the 101 points they need over the next two weeks to surely smash any existing club (and potentially conference?) records?



This year we’ll also be tracking the rise and fall of each team in the rankings throughout the season with this handy graphic:




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