BAFA NL ’19 | Power Rankings: Division Two Week Eight

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In the meantime, let’s check out how the Patriots of the #BritballNation see things stacking up in Division Two tier after the weekend’s action:


No cuts this week

Honourable Mentions

The Norwich Devils dropped out of a Top Ten spot last week. and their incredible tied shootout with the Ipswich Cardinals, while awesome for fans of the sport,  wasn’t enough to earn them a reappearance in the rankings – though it does bag BOTH teams an honourable mention this week!


10. Leeds Bobcats (2-1-0) | No Change

The Leeds Bobcats took a fairly comfortable win over the Storm, but it’s not enough to see them climb just yet. Perhaps they remain too far in the shadow of the Spartans at present?

9. Torbay Trojans (4-0-0) | No Change

The Torbay Trojans hold #9 following their bye week, as table-topping South Wales also had some troubles of their own in breaking down the Wyverns defence.

They return in Week Nine to take on a Worcestershire side with roster woes this season, and so the Trojans will be hungry to show what sorta scoreline their offence is capable of putting up on their home soil!


8. Essex Spartans (4-0-0) | No Change

The Essex Spartans stay put in eighth with no action last weekend.  Close scorelines elsewhere in the SFC2East will certainly be boosting their confidence that they’re a cut above the rest of their rivals, but they’re yet to face any of the most likely-looking contenders for a Crown in the East, having only played the Sabres and Pumas twice each.

Not back in action until Week Eleven, their place in the rankings will be determined by scorelines elsewhere for now – and as such I’m somewhat surprised to not see the Spartans climb following the Cards and Devils fighting one another to a standstill.


7. Lincolnshire Bombers (2-1-0) | No Change

Another team I thought by benefit-by-proxy thanks to results elsewhere were the Lincolnshire Bombers – their narrow Week One loss to the Birmingham Bulls looks all the more resilient given Birmingham’s comfortable win at the weekend, but it looks like our pollsters are waiting for the Bombers to earn their way up the ladder.

They’ll have a good shot at rising the ranks if they can impress this weekend in their trip to the Surge. The last meeting between these two was a nailbiter, but if the Bombers are looking to overturn the Bulls later this season they’ll need to put in a more convincing performance this time around against Staffs.


6. Clyde Valley Blackhawks (5-0-0) | No Change

No action, no change for the Blackhawks.

With their Carlisle game, originally scheduled for this weekend, being awarded following the Sentinels withdrawal, we’ll finally see the Blackhawks back in action in Week Ten when they travel to newcomers, the Steam.


5. Bournemouth Bobcats (2-2-0) | Down One

Without a fixture in Week Eight, the Bobcats drop a spot courtesy of results elsewhere.

With what looks to be their toughest tests of the season behind them, this weekend’ll see them square off against the Storm once again, and while the Swindon outfit have been able to rebuild some momentum with a win over the Raptors, it’s still going to be a big ask for them to overturn the 51-0 loss the Bobcats handed two them just a fortnight ago!


4.  London Blitz B (3-0-0) | Down One

The top of these rankings continues to remain incredibly fluid as our Patreons bounce between which of the undefeated top dogs deserves the top spots on the Division Two ladder.

Without a game in Week Eight, the Blitz find themselves leapfrogged. Their next action comes in Week Ten with a trip to the Conquerors, from which we’d be disappointed to see anything less than a Burger from the frontrunners in the SFC2South.


3. Birmingham Bulls (4-0-0) | Up Two

The Birmingham Bulls bounce back up into the #3 spot following what ended up being a fairly comfortable win over defending NFC2South champs, the Surge.

Though the Bulls conceded their first points of the season in the first drive of the day, from that point onwards they took control of the game and racked up a steady stream of scores that’ll give them a lot of confidence going into the second half of their season.



2. South Wales Warriors (4-0-0) | No Change

The Warriors came incredibly close to reclaiming the #1 spot from the Spartans this week, with just a single vote separating the two teams!

They took a bit of time to get going against a tough Somerset defence, but when a smart football play gave them a first score of the day, it kickstarted the Warriors towards what would eventually be a confident-looking win.

We won’t need to wait long at all for the return leg between these two outfits, as the Warriors and Wyverns square off for a second straight Sunday in Week Nine.


1. Halton Spartans (4-0-0) | Up Two

Halton hold onto #1 by the skin of their teeth this week. They’ll perhaps be a tad disappointed to have let the Phantoms onto the scoreboard last weekend, having shut them down completely in the first meeting between the two teams, but they still took the win by a hefty margin – the Spartans boast an average scoreline of 49-6 through their first four fixtures of the season, with a clash against the winless Morecambe Bay unlikely to prove much of a speedbump in their face to a first ever crown!



This year we’ll also be tracking the rise and fall of each team in the rankings throughout the season with this handy graphic!




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