BAFA NL ’19 | Power Rankings: Division Two Week Eleven

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In the meantime, let’s check out how the Patriots of the #BritballNation see things stacking up in Division Two tier after the weekend’s action:


The Torbay Trojans had a tough time of it at the weekend as the South Wales Warriors took a clear leap ahead of them at the top of the SFC 2 West. The Warriors defence, in particular, got the better of the Trojans and it’ll take a pretty heroic effort for the Devon outfit to turn things around when the two teams meet again in Week Thirteen.

They’re still on track for postseason action, but it’s apparent the Trojans still have a fair gap to bridge between themselves and the top teams in the tier.

Honourable Mentions

I think all three of these honourable mentions could feel justifiably frustrated to not swipe the Trojans’ vacant Power Rankings spot, but once again the Bristol ApacheNorwich Devils and Ipswich Cardinals narrowly miss out.


10. Dumfries Hunters (5-2-0) | New Entry

With a whopper of a win over the Steam, the Hunters make their Rankings debut. Though the Inverclyde Goliaths are breathing down their necks, crucially the Hunters currently hold the head to head.

How the Hunters and rookie Goliaths perform in their respective regular season finales against the Blackhawks will determine which outfit locks up the guaranteed #2 postseason berth… Or, hells, maybe even swipe the top spot?


9. Bournemouth Bobcats (4-2-0) | Down One

With a lengthy break ’til their next fixture, the Bobcats’ ranking over the next few weeks will be determined by results elsewhere and the unpredictable perspectives of out pollsters! We see a small slip down to ninth for the south coast side.


8. Lincolnshire Bombers (3-1-0) | Up One

No action for the Bombers, and yet they climb a spot as they prepare themselves for their most important fixture of the season so far – round two against the undefeated Birmingham Bulls, this Sunday!


7. Leeds Bobcats (4-1-0) | Down Two

Our pollsters appear to have cooled on the Bobcats over the past week as the Yorkshire outfit drops two spots.

They’re on another bye this weekend, before taking on the Phantoms in Week Thirteen.


6. Essex Spartans (5-0-0) | Up Two

The Spartans climb two spots courtesy of a convincing win over the East Kent Mavericks – the Spartans first victory over a team other than the Sabres and Pumas.

The victory sets Essex in good stead as they hit the road this weekend for a tough test against the Norwich Devils’ defence.


5. Clyde Valley Blackhawks (6-0-0) | Up One

With no action in quite some time, the Blackhawks nonetheless rise back up to fifth.

We had a number of new additions to our Patreon this past week and I get the impression some may have come from north of the wall as Scottish sides saw a lot more backing this past week – or perhaps our pollsters were simply remembering how poorly the Roughnecks were underestimated last season?

We won’t see Clyde Valley until late July, but when they return it’ll be for the two most decisive fixtures of the season in the NFC2North.



4.  London Blitz B (5-0-0) | No Change

A comfortable win for the Blitz over the Storm sees the London outfit looking like a sure deal to seal up the SFC 2 South crown this weekend, playing hosts to the Jurassic Coast Raptors.

It wasn’t a large enough win to regain their spot in the top three, but it looks almost a dead cert that an undefeated season beckons for the Blitz Bs once again.


3. Halton Spartans (5-0-0) | Down One

The Spartans slide a spot as another outfit rises up the ranks.

They return to the field this Sunday with what is expected to be a one-sided clash with the Raiders, building up towards a season-defining second bout against the Bobcats later in July.


2. Birmingham Bulls (5-0-0) | Down One

The Bulls drop a spot, but with their return leg against the Bombers looming this weekend, a strong performance from Birmingham should see the Bulls lock up the NFC 2 South title, and surely stand a great chance of returning to pole position in the rankings too!


1. South Wales Warriors (6-0-0) | Up Two

The South Wales Warriors take their biggest scalp of the season so far, and looked comfortable while doing so.

Their defence, in particular, was on fine form, as though they allowed the Trojans to squeeze in a pair of scores, they posted up three of their own as DB Daniel Dacey returned two Pick Sixes, and veteran linebacker Nik Yeubrey scooped and scored for a long-awaited first career touchdown!



This year we’ll also be tracking the rise and fall of each team in the rankings throughout the season with this handy graphic!




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