BAFA NL ’19 | Power Rankings: Division Two Week Five

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In the meantime, let’s check out how the Patriots of the #BritballNation see things stacking up in Division Two tier after the weekend’s action:


No cuts this week as Division Two wasn’t particularly active in Week Five. In what action we did see, the strong generally got stronger as promotion contenders racked up massive scorelines on Sunday!

Honourable Mentions

As ever, the Leeds Bobcats sit on the cusp of a rankings spot – we need to see more of them before they lock up a ranking spot I think… Their fixture this weekend versus the impressive-looking Halton Spartans is the perfect chance for the Yorkshire side to prove if they’re Power Rankings material!

The Essex Spartans are also beginning to get some traction after a perfect start to their season. In truth, I’m really surprised they’re not ranked already – 3-0 with not a single point conceded?! I suspect our pollsters are simply waiting for the Spartans to take a bigger scalp than either their cross-county rivals, the Sabres, or the Pumas.


10. Bristol Apache (1-1-0) | No Change

The Bristol Apache just about stave off a strong challenge from the Spartans to cling onto a rankings spot.

Looking to put their disappointing opening day loss behind them the Apache face their toughest test of the season so far, welcoming the South Wales Warriors to Bristol on Sunday, with the opportunity to really shake up the South West table… and these rankings.

9. Torbay Trojans (3-0-0) | No Change

Trojans stay put in #9 after their surprisingly closely-contested clash with the Cornish Sharks back in Week Four saw them take a serious slide down the rankings.

They’re on a bye this weekend, before returning against a Somerset Wyverns outfit who are looking to bounce back from a hefty loss to Bristol.


8. Lincolnshire Bombers (2-1-0) | Down One

The Bombers slip a spot, and with no action until Week Eight they’ll need results elsewhere to go their way to stay afloat.


7. Norwich Devils (2-0-0) | Down One

The Devils drop into seventh having been on a bye.  They could yes continue to slide, as they’ll have another weekend off in Week Six, before heading to the Sabres on the last weekend of May.


6. Clyde Valley Blackhawks (5-0-0) | Down One

The Blackhawks remain perfect, advancing to 3-0 with a 8-20 win over the Goliaths in Week Five, but it looks like our Patreons are looking for some more convincing scorelines if the top scots in the tier want to keep themselves in the upper half of these rankings.

With their unplayed Carlisle Sentinels fixtures now awarded as walkovers, the Blackhawks already find themselves at 5-0 after only the first five weeks of the season – they’ll need to ensure they don’t get rusty through the latter two-thirds of the summer, with only three fixtures to play out.

It’ll be a full month without a fixture before we see Clyde Valley back on the gridiron in Week Ten, travelling to Darlington.


5. Bournemouth Bobcats (1-1-0) | Up Three


The biggest climbers this week are a bit of a weird one, as the Bournemouth Bobcats bounce up into the top five despite neither having seen action, nor being among the various undefeated teams still remaining in the tier!

I can’t be sure what our pollsters’ thinking was, but I suspect we’re seeing the massive scoreline from the London Blitz Bs this past week reflecting well on the Bobcats too – their close, shootout, scoreline against the promotion favourites looks all the more impressive in the light of Londons 80+ points scored in Week Five!

Still, if the Bobcats want to continue to climb, they’ll need to prove themselves worthy this weekend as they take on the Blitz once more. It’s very early in the season, but there’s a very real possibility this Week Six game could effective decide the SFC 2 South crown with most of the season still to play out!


4. Birmingham Bulls (2-0-0) | Down Two

Most weeks a 42-0 victory would be more than enough to justify climbing the rankings, or at the very allowing the Bulls to maintain their lofty footing on the ladder.

However, though it was great to see the Birmingham offence shaking off the offensive cobwebs with a comfortable win over the Warhawks, their win is overshadowed by some of the whopper scorelines posted up elsewhere!


3. Halton Spartans (2-0-0) | Up One

The Spartans continue to ascend the rankings, their crushing of the visiting Raiders in Week Five cementing their status as promotion contenders even this early in the summer.

Perhaps eager to impress in front of the cameras, the Spartans simply didn’t let up against a Raiders outfit that had had a strong start to their own campaign – if anything, I’m surprised we’re not seeing the Spartans in either second or first!


2.  London Blitz B (2-0-0) | Up One

No nail-biting for the Blitz coaches and fans this weekend, as the SFC 2 South’s slow wind up to action continues, seeing the promotion favourites, the Blitz, blow away the visiting conquerors to the tune of an 82-0 win.

Still, there’s no rest for the London side, as they’ll return to action in a must-watch game in Week Six: Round Two against a Bournemouth side that look to be their only serious challengers in the SFC 2 South this summer.


1. South Wales Warriors (2-0-0) | No Change

And with South Wales storming to a 55-0 win over Worcestershire, they hold onto the #1 spot for another week – fending off strong challenges from the Blitz and Spartans.

It looks like their hosting of the Black Knights didn’t prove too taxing, so they should head into this weekend’s clash against the Apache feeling fairly fresh and with great momentum!



This year we’ll also be tracking the rise and fall of each team in the rankings throughout the season with this handy graphic!




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