BAFA NL ’19 | Power Rankings: Premiership Week Three

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In the meantime, let’s check out how the Patriots of the #BritballNation see things stacking up in the top tier after the weekend’s action:


12. Farnham Knights (0-2-0) | No Change

To their credit, they shipped half the number of points as they did against the Warriors, and ostensibly the Knights have gotten the two toughest tests of their season out of the way early.

They head to a brace of byes, hopefully time for their large rookie contingent to learn what lessons they can from the pair of heavy losses and provide a stiffer test when they host the Olympians in Week Six.


11. Kent Exiles (0-0-0) | No Change

No Action, no change for the Exiles.

Their season finally gets underway this Sunday as they travel to the Olympians.


10. London Olympians (0-0-0) | No Change

As above, so below. The Os stay put at #10, their season getting underway this Sunday when they host promotees, the Kent Exiles.


9. Sheffield Giants (0-2-0) | Down One

The Giants slide a spot into ninth, but have an opportunity to make up some ground if they can find better offensive production against the Wolves this weekend.

Their depth is something of a concern, but they’ve proven they have the talent to put points up – they just need to find a consistent way to produce more of them.


8. Bristol Aztecs (0-1-0) | Up One

The Aztecs climb a spot, despite no action. We’ll see them again in Week Five where the newcomers, Kent, get a shot at disrupting the Aztecs season like the Olympians did last summer!



7. Leicester Falcons (1-0-0)

The Falcons fall a couple of spots after coming up short against Merseyside.

To their credit, they did a good job of coming from three scores behind and making a game of it in the second half, but they’re still proving to be their own worst enemy, with penalties and missteps regularly costing them possessions and good field position.

While they could get away with 100+ yards of penalties and still win in Division One, Merseyside were able to make the most of the Falcons errors to take away a win that could well prove crucial later in the year.

Keep an eye on their offence against the Titans this weekend as a couple of new weapons definitely emerged in the second half versus Merseyside.


6. Edinburgh Wolves (0-0-0) | Up One

Wolves climb a spot as the Falcons come up short. Their season finally gets underway on Sunday, hosting the 0-2 Sheffield Giants and eager to get their campaign off to a fast start.


5. Merseyside Nighthawks (1-0-0) | Up One

Merseyside bested the Falcons on their own turf, and thus assume Leicester’s spot in the rankings.

They impressed with their offensive production through the first half, with Harry Routledge doing an impressive job stepping in as a makeshift QB in their season opener.

They back on the road once again this weekend, as they travel to a Tamworth side who might actually be somewhat vulnerable this season, after failing to impress against the Giants in Week Two.



4. Manchester Titans (0-0-0) | No Change

Leicester’s loss means the Titans’ status as the #2 team in the North is safe… for now.

Their season finally gets underway when the two teams clash this Sunday, with the Titans hungry by now to get some league action under their belts.

With three games in the North this Sunday, we’ll learn an awful lot about the shape of the Prem North this weekend!


3. Tamworth Phoenix (1-0-0)

Tamworth remain in the #3 spot following their bye.

Last season they looked largely unchallenged, whereas they needed all four quarters to truly get the better of the Giants in their opener.

If they want to challenge for a #1 or #2 ranking we’ll need to see some more convincing scorelines – some of our pollsters are already placing the Phoenix below the Titans in their rankings, despite Manchester yet to kick off their season.

They host Merseyside this Sunday, with the Nighthawks bouyed by an opening win over Leicester.


2. London Blitz (2-0-0)

Much like last year, the Blitz look a cut above the majority of the competition in the South, with two defensive shut outs on the year so far.

Their 41-0 win over Farnham would normally be considered a very healthy margin, if only it wasn’t for their cross-capital rivals having more than doubled that scoreline just a week prior!

The disparity would appear to speak to a growing gulf between the reigning champs, and the rest of Britball… We’ll get to see for sure this Sunday, as the Blitz hit the road to the Warriors in what used to be considered the first of two Britbowl previews each year!


1. London Warriors (1-0-0)

The Warriors currently have the third-most points scored in the Adult National Leagues, behind the Steelers (126) and Thrashers (93)… Except the Warriors have only played one fixture!

They host the Blitz this Sunday, and expect both sides to be all too aware of the scoreline the last time they clashed – a humbling loss for the Blitz that we’re certain the Warriors will be eager to repeat.

No doubts, this is the greatest rivalry in the modern British game… Let’s hope we get a fixture worthy of it?



This year we’ll also be tracking the rise and fall of each team in the rankings throughout the season with this handy graphic:




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