BAFA NL ’19 | Quick Takeaways – Week Fifteen

I’m trying to take Monday’s to work on the site and spend time with my lil ‘un, but to ensure we’re not leaving everyone hanging until Tuesday each week for Good Week / Bad Week, Quick Takeaways returns for Week Thirteen!

BAFA National Leagues: Quick Takeaways Week Fifteen
Under 17s | As the dust settles…

The Under 17’s regular season has come to a close, and boy has this one been stacked with surprises!

In a big turn up for the books, the 2018 National Champions, the East Kilbride Pirates, will miss out on postseason football entirely, as wins from the weekend nudged the Pirates out of the top sixteen teams who’ll head to Stourbridge Rugby Club in August.

A 3-0 day for the Lincolnshire Bombers saw them smash their way into postseason action, while a similarly undefeated day for the Chester Romans, including a win over table-topping Chorley, allowed the Romans to nudge both the Manchester Titans teams down the table, forcing the Titans North out of postseason football entirely!

Both Finals tournaments will feature a great mix of traditional Youth powerhouse programmes, but also some outfits that are perhaps pleasant surprises this summer – the new Edinburgh Napier Knights side have extended their season in just their first year in the league, while the Gateshead Senators turned around a 1-11-0 season from 2018, with a North East title this summer!

BAFA have shared the full line up for the U17’s finals to take place on 10 August:

Under 19s | Someone’s gotta think of something…

The Under 19’s game is in a tough spot.

There’s no other way to say it, but a number of factors year in, year out, ensure that the Junior game is constantly in a state of flux, which in itself lends itself to teams having a tough time of it every summer.

This weekend proved no exception, as we saw two programmes we’d typically think of as some of the more consistent outfits, forfeit their final fixtures of the year.

There’s still two Highland Wildcats fixtures to play out in D1, but as they can’t change up the playoff seedings, we’re pretty much entering retrospective mode… So more on that to come.

That said, let’s finish this section on a high: A clutch win from the Ipswich Cardinals will see them head to D2 playoffs – nice work Cards!


Adult Premiership | Nothing has changed…

It’s a slogan we saw featuring a fair bit this season, but actually holds true for this weekend as well – pretty much nothing changed due to the weekend’s results:

We still don’t know who’s gonna finish where in the Prem North, and neither side of the north/south divide have been able to confirm which teams will be playing D1 football next season!

…ok, two things did change – the Nighthawks can longer win the Northern title, and the Aztecs are locked into at least another year of top tier football.


Adult Division One | Vikes shake up the NFC1North

We had shutouts in all four D1 northern fixtures, but none more clutch than the Vikings’ 0-5 victory over the Pirates. In a game littered with laundry, the Vikings made the plays necessary to steal away a win in a rare zero touchdown showdown.

The victory steals the head-to-head, but not yet the crown, as Northumberland still need to fend off the Roughnecks next weekend – a team that pressed them hard back in Week Four.

Something I think they themselves didn’t notice, either… the Cambridgeshire Cats secured the SFC 1 East title this past weekend without taking to the field, thanks to the Hornets’ loss to the Saints.


Adult Division Two | Spartans seal the deal on crown(s)

The Spartans locked up their conference crown with their win this weekend.

Which Spartans?

Well, both, conveniently!

Both Essex and Halton took wins at the weekend that’ll see them headed into the playoffs, and though each still have a fixture remaining on their slate, expectations are surely that both sides will hit the postseason undefeated and boasting strong seeding.

Both outfits have felt, perhaps justifiably, underappreciated in the Power Rankings polls this season…

Well, now they know for sure they’ll get the chance to prove our Patreons the error of their ways very shortly!




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