BAFA NL ’19 | Quick Takeaways – Week Sixteen

I’m trying to take Monday’s to work on the site and spend time with my lil ‘un, but to ensure we’re not leaving everyone hanging until Tuesday each week for Good Week / Bad Week, Quick Takeaways returns for Week Thirteen!

BAFA National Leagues: Quick Takeaways Week Sixteen
Under 19s | The Mr Irrelevant of Matchups

The final U19s fixture of the season wrapped up with the Highland Wildcats getting a shutout win over the Bucs… It’s apparent the Wildcats are a better team than their 3-3 record implies.

They’ll be among I suspect a number of teams looking for a rethink of U19’s football.


Adult Premiership | Falcons get plucked.

Considering how many injuries they were carrying and how much drop off in participation they experienced, alongside the announced departure of Head Coach Noel Cassar following his third season in the top job, it may actually be to the Falcons’ benefit to take a drop down to Division One football once again. It’s not to say this prideful programme won’t be massively disappointed by this outcome, but they can also look at this as a chance to rebuild after a tumultuous first season in the top tier where the Falcons felt they took a blow before their campaign even got underway, following BAFA’s preseason enforcement of a previously obscure rule regarding the participation of non-UK residents.

The Falcons have had something of a siege mentality this year… And the 22-22 scoreline out of Sheffield will do nothing to dissuade them of this stance!

As Coach Cassar said in his pre-game interview with UKAFL last weekend – don’t be surprised to see the Falcons right back up again in the Premiership… It’s worth remembering there’s nothing to stop the Baker University scholars gained through the Falcons’ partnership with Derby University being active for the Falcons’ 2020 campaign!

Similarly, the Farnham Knights might be headed back down to Division One, displaced by new additions the Kent Exiles, but with the programme showing steady development throughout this season, look for them to attempt an immediate return to Premiership football in 2020.


Adult Division One | Well that was tighter than expected…

Helluva day of results in Division One as the regular season wrapped up in the middle tier. We now know all there is to know about who’s headed where…

Tight scorelines saw two teams fall just short of the bright lights of playoffs, while another saved themselves from a drop with a clutch Week Sixteen Win.

It’s unofficial until BAFA make a full announcement, but in the interim the postseason should look something like this:


  • Vikings vs Revolution
  • Steelers vs Pirates

Relegated: Senators and Mustangs.


  • Thrashers vs Hornets
  • Cats vs Thunder

Relegated:  Renegades and Eagles.


Adult Division Two | That’s one way to do it…

The Clyde Valley Blackhawks finally got back on the field this weekend, taking on the Hunters in a Scottish showdown where it was clear both teams might be carrying a bit of rust from their reduced schedules and lengthy breaks.

As was, the Prem North wasn’t the only conference producing a tied result this weekend, and though the Blackhawks’ might begrudge the notch in the tied column if it ends up hurting their seeding, the core thing was that without actually winning the fixture, Clyde Valley nonetheless secure the NFC2North title!

Notably, the result does play somewhat favourable for the Inverclyde Goliaths, who can secure playoff football in their very first season if they get get the better of the Blackhawks themselves in the final day of regular season fixtures!

With a handful of fixtures left to play out, there’s not a lot we don’t know about which outfits are headed to playoffs…

There’s some potential movement available amongst the seedings, but in terms of in and out?

It basically boils down to:

Staffordshire Surge OR Knottingley Raiders?




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