BAFA NL ’19 | Under 17’s Results Week Fifteen

Summary incoming…

Saturday 20 July

#U17South @ Berkshire Renegades
Berkshire Renegades 0-1 Hertfordshire Cheetahs (W/O)
Salisbury City Marauders 7-34 Solent Seahawks (FT)
Hertfordshire Cheetahs 46-7 Solent Seahawks (FT)
Berkshire Renegades 0-1 Solent Seahawks (W/O)
Hertfordshire Cheetahs 30-0 Salisbury City Marauders (FT)
Berkshire Renegades 6-12 Salisbury City Marauders (FT)
Salisbury City Marauders 7-34 Solent Seahawks (FT)

#U17North @ Crewe Railroaders
Chester Romans 20-12 Chorley Buccaneers (FT)
Crewe Railroaders 0-21 Chester Romans (FT)
Chester Romans 20-12 Chorley Buccaneers (FT)
Chorley Buccaneers 33-12 Crewe Railroaders (FT)

#U17Midlands @ Bedfordshire Blackhawks
Birmingham Bulls 20-15 Etone Jaguars (FT)
Etone Jaguars 0-42 Bedfordshire Blackhawks (FT)
Birmingham Bulls 18-16 Bedfordshire Blackhawks (FT)

Also @ Leicester Falcons
Leicester Falcons 15-21 Birmingham Lions (FT)
Leicester Falcons 36-6 Sandwell Steelers (FT)
Leicester Falcons 0-1 Tamworth Phoenix (W/O)
Birmingham Lions 19-20 Sandwell Steelers (FT)
Tamworth Phoenix 46-6 Sandwell Steelers (FT)
Tamworth Phoenix 34-0 Birmingham Lions (FT)

#U17NorthEast @ SESKU Academy
SESKU Academy 33-25 North East Academy (FT)
Yorkshire Assassins 21-28 Lincolnshire Bombers (FT)
North East Academy 7-28 Lincolnshire Bombers (FT)
SESKU Academy 14-27 Yorkshire Assassins (FT)
SESKU Academy 14-34 Lincolnshire Bombers (FT)
Yorkshire Assassins 53-0 North East Academy (FT)

#U17SouthEast @ Wembley Stallions
Cobham Cougars 26-26 London Blitz (FT)
Wembley Stallions 0-51 Kent Exiles (FT)
London Blitz 8-30 Kent Exiles (FT)
Wembley Stallions 14-27 Cobham Cougars (FT)
Cobham Cougars 6-46 Kent Exiles (FT)
Wembley Stallions 26-28 London Blitz (FT)


Full results and standings for the 2019 season and previous seasons can be found in our Under 17’s section:




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