BAFA NL ’19 | Under 17’s Results Week One

The first batch of results are in from the Under 17s tournaments, and we’re already beginning to see some frontrunners emerge across the three Conferences in action on Saturday!

In the North it looks like the Chorley Buccaneers have every intention of repeating last year’s undefeated title as they fended off a strong challenge from the Manchester Titans South so earn a 3-0 start to the year.

Meanwhile, tournament hosts the Etone Jaguars won’t be repeating their own undefeated 2018 campaign, after coming up short against an impressive looking Leicester Falcons squad, who clinched their first ‘Jagbardi Trophy’ with three wins on Saturday, the team’s first undefeated tourney since joining the league only last season.

Finally, in the South it looks like the Farnham Knights were unable to make the trip to the Swindon Storm, and it’s the Hertfordshire Cheetahs who’ll take an early lead in the conference following two impressive offensive performances against the hosts and the Berkshire Renegades.

@Burnley Tornadoes

Burnley Tornados 0-1 Chorley Buccaneers (W/O)
Manchester Titans North 36-47 Manchester Titans South (FT)
Burnley Tornados 0-1 Manchester Titans North (W/O)
Manchester Titans South 12-32 Chorley Buccaneers (FT)
Burnley Tornados 0-1 Manchester Titans South (W/O)
Chorley Buccaneers 34-30 Manchester Titans North (FT)

@Etone Jaguars

Etone Jaguars 29-2 Bedfordshire Blackhawks (FT)
Leicester Falcons 40-24 Birmingham Bulls (FT)
Bedfordshire Blackhawks 8-18 Birmingham Bulls (FT)
Etone Jaguars 19-24 Leicester Falcons (FT)
Bedfordshire Blackhawks 24-38 Leicester Falcons (FT)
Etone Jaguars 30-2 Birmingham Bulls (FT)

@Swindon Storm

Farnham Knights 0-1 Berkshire Renegades (W/O)
Swindon Storm 6-35 Hertfordshire Cheetahs (FT)
Farnham Knights 0-1 Hertfordshire Cheetahs (W/O)
Swindon Storm 26-0 Berkshire Renegades (FT)
Berkshire Renegades 20-43 Hertfordshire Cheetahs (FT)
Swindon Storm 1-0 Farnham Knights (W/O)




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