BAFA NL ’19 | Way Too Early Predictions… Premiership

And the 2019 Britbowl Champions will be…

We’re ahead of the community polls here, but I suspect we know who the strong favourites are here… So I’ll go a bit further and say I see the full postseason breaking down:

Who’s in:


Tamworth take the Northern Crown, the Warriors the south.

The Blitz cruise into the playoffs as the second place finishers in the South, but things are far messier in the north – the Nighthawks, Titans and Falcons all finish with 6-4 records and overlapping head-to-heads. Long and short of it, the Nighthawks swipe the spot, courtesy of a fourth-quarter hail mary catch that gave them the win over Manchester… for a second year in a row. :p


The Warriors make short work of the visiting Nighthawks, and once again the Phoenix and their Phamily are able to fend off the Blitz – though this time more convincingly than last year thanks to a few fresher sets of legs.

The Final

Tamworth Phoenix vs London Warriors.

A carbon copy of last year’s Britbowl, and in truth if you told me it had the same scoreline I wouldn’t be overly surprised.

With less controverseys caused by an over-enthusiastic video ref, the Tamworth have a better first half, and allow less breakaway runs, but as the game grinds on they continue to struggle with shutting down the Warriors run game.

Fourth quarter, London with a one-score lead, and we find the Tamworth defenders trying to stack the box in an attempt to end a clock-draining London drive – they bite too hard on the play action, and the pass goes over the top to a wide open receiver, who takes it in for the score – with too big a gap to close in the time remaining, the Phoenix are phorced to settle for a second-straight second place finish, and the Warriors raise a sixth title in seven seasons.


And Finally, Some Rather Bold Predictions:

And wrapping things up, I’ll take some longshots I have an inkling may yet occur against the odds this summer:

  • As noted above, we get a three-way 6-4 tie fighting for second place, Tamworth go undefeated, but no team in the North goes winless. I’m not even sure that math works for that, but that’s what I’m rolling with.

  • The Warriors go break last year’s record and set off eight Mercy Clocks during the regular season.
  • Bristol, Kent, Farnham and the Olympians all split their wins with one another, and lose to the big two, resulting in a four-way 3-7 tie in results.

Do YOU have some bold predictions for 2019? Let us know in the comments down below or on our Facebook page!




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