BAFA NL ’19 | Week Ten Fixtures Updates

We’ll keep this article up to date with any and all fixture updates relating to Week Ten of the BAFA National Leagues (15/16 June, 2019).

If you’re in the know about any fixture amendments, please get in touch with us at or via our Facebook page – teams need to ensure they keep the BAFA Competitions team and BAFRA up to date with any and all scheduling issues and amendments as well via and

Under 17s
  • We currently have no updates for the Under 17’s fixtures this weekend.
Under 19s
  • U19D1North | The Tamworth Phoenix hosting the Birmingham Lions will now take place ahead of the Phoenix Adult side’s Saturday afternoon game against the Manchester Titans, as a doubleheader of fixtures.
  • U19D2North | The Gateshead Senators have withdrawn from Saturday’s Under 19’s Division Two North tournament. Initially scheduled as hosts, the Senators were reportedly unable to secure a venue for the tournament. The North East Academy will now host the tournament, though the Senators themselves are unable to travel and so only the North East Academy and Chester Romans will compete.
  • PremNorth | The Leicester Falcons will now host the Edinburgh Wolves at BUCS outfit, the DMU Falcons’, home venue: Beaumont Park, Leicester, LE4 1ES.

    The Falcons’ home venue of Leicester Lions RFC has been declared unplayable due to heavy rainfall throughout the week, and though there were brief fears the game may go unplayed or possibly (incorrectly) results in a Falcons forfeit, the Falcons gameday staff were able to secure a new venue in time.

  • NFC2North | We’ve been made aware that the Darlington Steam, hosting the Clyde Valley Blackhawks, is looking unlikely to receive BAFRA coverage this weekend due to the large number of games taking place in the North.


Saturday 15 June
Under 19s


Tamworth Phoenix vs Birmingham Lions

Gateshead Senators vs Chester Romans
North East Academy vs Chester Romans
Gateshead Senators vs North East Academy

Black Country Vipers vs Ipswich Cardinals
Leicester Falcons vs Ipswich Cardinals
Black Country Vipers vs Leicester Falcons


Tamworth Phoenix vs Manchester Titans

Jurassic Coast Raptors vs Bournemouth Bobcats

Sunday 16 June
Under 19s

Highland Wildcats vs East Kilbride Pirates
Thames Valley Tigers vs London Blitz
Wembley Stallions vs SE Legion


Merseyside Nighthawks vs Sheffield Giants
Leicester Falcons vs Edinburgh Wolves

Farnham Knights vs Kent Exiles
London Olympians vs London Warriors

East Kilbride Pirates vs Glasgow Tigers
Gateshead Senators vs Yorkshire Rams

Lancashire Wolverines vs Shropshire Revolution

Berkshire Renegades vs Sussex Thunder
Oxford Saints vs Portsmouth Dreadnoughts

Wembley Stallions vs Colchester Gladiators

Darlington Steam vs Clyde Valley Blackhawks

Leeds Bobcats vs Knottingley Raiders

Bristol Apache vs Cornish Sharks

East Kent Mavericks vs Maidstone Pumas
Hastings Conquerors vs London Blitz B

Norwich Devils vs East Essex Sabres




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