BAFA NL 2018 Week Seven Scores


Some Under 17 Tourneys taking place today so we’ll hope to keep you in the loop with scores!

Also, Diamond Series 2018 heads into its second weekend – can the Southern Blaze continue to hold on to their lead in the series?


Tamworth Phoenix 40-39 Birmingham Lions (FT)
Birmingham Bulls 25-43 Etone Jaguars (FT)
Tamworth Phoenix 6-36 Etone Jaguars (FT)
Birmingham Bulls 12-27 Birmingham Lions (FT)
Tamworth Phoenix 31-21 Birmingham Bulls (FT)
Birmingham Lions 6-26 Etone Jaguars (FT)

Essex Spartans 6-43 Kent Exiles Rebels (FT)
Kent Exiles Rebels 44-13 East Kent Mavericks (FT)
Essex Spartans 19-33 Wembley Stallions (FT)
East Kent Mavericks 31-7 Wembley Stallions (FT)
Essex Spartans 13-30 East Kent Mavericks (FT)
Kent Exiles Rebels 42-0 Wembley Stallions (FT)


Northern Blizzard 0-0 Southern Blaze (FT)
Southern Blaze 15-8 Heartlands Shock (FT)
Heartlands Shock – Northern Blizzard





Highland Wildcats 28-8 Merseyside Nighthawks (Neutral Venue) (FT)
Chester Romans P-P Birmingham Lions


Cobham Cougars 66-0 Thames Valley Tigers (FT) 🍔
Solent Seahawks 36-14 London Warriors (FT)
Sussex Thunder 0-1 Hertfordshire Cheetahs (W/O)


(7-a-side Tournament-based)

Chorley Buccaneers 0-20 Leeds Academy Assassins (FT)
Black Country Vipers 25-15 Chorley Buccaneers (FT)
Leeds Academy Assassins 6-27 Black Country Vipers (FT)

Ipswich Cardinals 8-20 Kent Exiles (FT)
Kent Exiles 50-14 Wembley Stallions (FT) 🍔
Ipswich Cardinals 8-28 Wembley Stallions (FT)


Tamworth Phoenix 55-6 Edinburgh Wolves (FT) 🍔
EK Pirates 0-41 Manchester Titans (FT)
Merseyside Nighthawks 27-47 Sheffield Giants (FT)

London Blitz 75-14 Farnham Knights (FT) 🍔
Bury Saints 6-53 London Warriors (FT) 🍔

Lancashire Wolverines 49-12 Leeds Bobcats (FT)
Yorkshire Rams 50-3 Gateshead Senators (FT) 🍔
Glasgow Tigers 0-38 Northumberland Vikings (FT)

Nottingham Caesars 0-42 Leicester Falcons (FT)
Coventry Jets 6-50 Sandwell Steelers (FT) 🍔

Sussex Thunder 52-9 Oxford Saints (FT) 🍔
Solent Thrashers 25-7 Berkshire Renegades (FT)
Ouse Valley Eagles 37-14 Bristol Apache (FT)

East Kent Mavericks 22-35 Colchester Gladiators (FT)

Chester Romans 41-0 Carlisle Sentinels (FT Called @ HT)
Furness Phantoms 61-22 Morecambe Bay Storm (FT) 🍔

Staffordshire Surge 48-7 Crewe Railroaders (FT)
Knottingley Raiders P-P Humber Warhawks

Somerset Wyverns 16-34 Torbay Trojans (FT)

Bournemouth Bobcats 8-24 Hertfordshire Cheetahs (FT)

London Blitz B 55-0 Ipswich Cardinals (FT) 🍔
Norwich Devils 21-16 East Essex Sabres (FT)






Nick 'Willy Tee' Wilson-Town hails from the South West where he's spent the last decade bouncing around various teams at the university and senior level. He came to fame on the now departed unofficial forum thanks to his regularly irreverent Uniball predictions and general 'BUAFL wafflage'. Follow him on twitter @WillyTee1