BAFA NL Premier Division – Week Three Power Rankings

We tried filming our Editor-in-Chief for the Week 3 Power Rankings, but it ended up looking like a low budget remake of the vomit scene from The Exorcist. We’ll spare you from that, roll back the clock, and go with good ol’ fashioned written rankings.

11. Lancashire Wolverines (=)

Lancashire Wolverines L

We’re still two weeks away from a Wolverines game, where they’ll have to play well to overturn pre-conceptions about their team. Apparently the victims of transfers out of the club in the off-season, the Wolverines open their account in Week 5, travelling to Tamworth.

10. Sheffield Giants (=)

Sheffield Giants L

Sheffield’s rebrand got off to a pretty poor start. Dropped with ease by the Edinburgh Wolves, the Giants apparently lacked the Brad Thompson factor they’d hoped for. He should be back in action in Week 4, where he’ll be needed if the Giants are to topple the East Kilbride Pirates.

9. Farnham Knights (↓ 3)

Farnham Knights L

The Knights had a solid if unspectacular season back in the Prem South last year, but got off to an abysmal start this year. Major changes behind the scenes and rumbling of players having a little too much power were underlined by a 56-13 defeat to the Aztecs in Week 3. Things don’t get any easier in the short term, with the Knights travelling to the Warriors in Week 4.

8. East Kilbride Pirates (=)

East Kilbride Pirates Black L

Wow. The Pirates in the bottom third of the rankings. This isn’t familiar territory for them. They were a failed PAT from the slightest of slight victories over the Edinburgh Wolves in Week 1, and haven’t played since. They’ll face a presumably stronger Sheffield Giants this weekend.

7. Edinburgh Wolves (↑ 2)

Edinburgh Wolves L

If there were any confusion about the Wolves ability to compete in the Premier division after their opening day tie with East Kilbride, their 31-0 victory over Sheffield put them to bed in Week 3. If that victory didn’t come against a backup quarterback, we might be talking about a top five Wolves team at the moment.

6. Bury Saints (↑ 1)

Bury Saints L 2016

The Saints must’ve been in dreamland early on in their game away to the Warriors, going up by two scores. They came back down to earth with a bump later on, but being the first team to put up 21 points on the Warriors in almost four years has earned the Saints a bit of respect.

5. Merseyside Nighthawks (=)

Merseyside Nighthawks New L

There really hasn’t been a lot of Premiership football thus far. We don’t even see the Nighthawks play this week, but they need all the preparation they can get. Week 5 sees them embark on a gruelling run of eight games with just a week’s break in the middle.

4. Tamworth Phoenix (↓ 1)

Tamworth Phoenix 2015 L

We see the Phoenix open up their 2017 by hosting the Lancashire Wolverines. They’ve recruited well again, on and off the field. Could we see the Phoenix sitting back in the top three or even (gasp!) top two next week?

3. London Blitz (↓ 1)


We’re yet to see the Blitz in action this year, so perhaps it’s not too outlandish to find them in third place. We’re hearing that they might not have the numbers they previously boasted, so our correspondents are watching a little more closely than usual. They face the Aztecs in their Week 4 opener, desperate to avoid a repeat of 2016.

2. Bristol Aztecs (↑ 2)

Bristol Aztecs L

The Pankhurst effect. Frankie begged and pleaded that we pry the Blitz from second place and hastily stick up the Aztecs in their place. A 56-13 win over Farnham, and an injection of Filton Pride talent, will have put the aforementioned Blitz on high alert, especially after their regular season defeat last year. Will this finally be the Aztecs year?

1. London Warriors (=)

London Warriors L

We checked. Our Editor-in-Chief has actually nailed the Warriors nameplate to this spot now. Despite an early scare against Bury (they haven’t given up 21 domestic points since 2013), they came back to show everybody that the Warriors are still the Warriors, and then decided to win a European game against Copenhagen, because, well, why not? The Warriors are the Warriors.



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