BAFA publishes disciplinary statement relating to Jaguars’ Grugeon

BAFA has today issued a Disciplinary Statement regarding one of its members.
In an introduction to the statement they say.  Continuing to make American football in Britain fair and safe for everyone is of utmost priority as our great game grows and develops. BAFA takes any issues related to safeguarding, discipline and fairness extremely seriously.
Anyone with concerns about this particular case, or any other issues related to disciplinary process, can contact BAFA’s Disciplinary Officer Ben Griffiths.
The Statement made today reads:
Disciplinary Statement
BAFA has conducted a disciplinary case regarding Mr Lawrence Grugeon of the Nuneaton Jaguars.
We are taking the rare step of publicising this now because we are aware of an event that Mr Grugeon is organising in Nuneaton this coming weekend and want to make everyone aware
of the situation.
In 2019, Mr Grugeon was found guilty of Bringing the Game into Disrepute. At that time, he was suspended from all American football activity until he had retaken his Level 1 Coaching
Certificate and undertaken specific online training modules.
In January this year, evidence came to light that Mr Grugeon had continued to coach the Nuneaton Jaguars and had continued to perform other administrative functions on behalf of
the team, thus defying the terms of his suspension.
After investigation, Mr Grugeon was again charged with Bringing the Game into Disrepute.
A Regulatory Committee found Mr Grugeon guilty of the charge and he has now been sanctioned as follows:
● He is suspended from all American football activities, including attending games and training sessions of any team, for 12 months. The ban came into force from 10th
February 2020.
● He is also prohibited from serving as an officer of a BAFA organisation for a period of 12 months. This includes undertaking any role such as that of a team administrator or
a team owner.
His bans apply to any involvement with any team, including, but not limited to, all senior and junior teams, flag and all University teams.
Other teams are warned not to use Mr Grugeon’s services since doing so would make them liable for disciplinary action too.
Formally, Mr Grugeon’s case is still within the period during which an appeal may be made.
However BAFA has taken the decision to issue this statement now as we are aware of an event on Saturday 15th February 2020 in Nuneaton organised by Mr Grugeon. This event is
not sanctioned by BAFA, but at least one BAFA Team has indicated it will be attending, therefore it is important that all BAFA members are aware of the results of this case.
Ben Griffiths
BAFA Disciplinary Officer

Lawrence Grugeon had previously issued various statements in relation to the allegations made against him.

The first we reported in September.  Shortly after the Jaguars rebranded.  There then followed a further statement by Lawrence Grugeon several days later.