BAFA reject Dreadnoughts appeal

Double Coverage understands that BAFA have rejected Portsmouth Dreadnoughts’ appeal against charges of bringing the game into disrepute.

The charges related to the use of unregistered personnel in coaching positions – reported to include Jim Robertson – and permitting someone to participate in club activities whilst banned for “safeguarding reasons”.

Initially, the club were suspended for the final four games of the 2014 BAFANL season and fined £375, with head coach Phil Marter banned for six months for his part in breaching the safeguarding ban.

However, the club’s attempts to appeal the initial decision were shot down by BAFA after the Dreadnoughts refused to produce any new evidence, instead claiming that BAFA was wrong to bring charges in the first place.

Unsurprisingly, the Appeal Committee disagreed, and upheld the original decision.

In the BAFRA Newsflash, the following statement was made:

When anyone signs up to play in an organised league, they agree to abide by a set of rules and regulations, but when brought to account the Dreadnoughts demanded to be judged by a different set. The appeals having been denied, the outstanding penalties now come into effect, including the club fine and Mr Marter’s suspension from all BAFA-related activities. BAFA will be reviewing the club’s activities with its officers before deciding whether the Dreadnoughts will be readmitted for competition in 2015.

In response, Portsmouth contacted us with the following:

We are of course disappointed with the result of the appeal but we accept the decision made by BAFA and are working closely with them to ensure further issues are prevented in future.

We have learned a lot this year both as a club and as players and are looking forward to our offseason. Our players are taking the time to improve themselves, improving their conditioning and working tirelessly to recruit new talent ready for our 2015 season. We want to thank everyone who has helped us this year, and although we are disappointed it has been cut short, we are excited for the changes that 2015 will bring and look forward to lining up against the best that Britball has to offer next season.



Tom Snee

A former local news journalist, Tom has been involved with Double Coverage on and off since shortly after it launched in 2011. Having started his kitted football journey with Huddersfield Hawks in 2007, he played wide receiver for four National League teams before joining the Mansfield Honey Badgers flag team in 2013.