BAFA Share Updated Fees Q&A In Response to Community Feedback

The British American Football Association have shared a Questions and Answers article, provided by BAFA Director of Finances, Stephen Jones. 

With many in the community expressing concern about the amount by which fees will be raised for the 2019/19 American Football calendar, Director Jones seeks to answer some of the many questions raised following the fees announcement.


Updated fees – Q&A

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

BAFA Director Stephen Jones shares some additional information following the recent fees announcement

Following yesterday’s fee announcement, I thought it would be helpful to provide a Q&A to address some of the feedback I have received.

Were fee changes previously raised with the membership?

At the September 2018 AGM and in communications since, we have highlighted that the state of BAFA finances inherited by the current BAFA board was poor with substantial losses in the previous two years (2016 £128k; 2017 £76k). At that AGM I presented a high-level breakdown of where that money had been spent by the previous BAFA board and where the new board was planning to spend the income in 2018. I gave a commitment to cut costs immediately and review fees which had not increased since 2014 for most categories. I was asked directly “did this mean the fees would go up?” and I confirmed that some fees would go up and some would not, depending upon strategic priorities but the community should expect increases in the future.

How is the income from fees spent?

Ever more detailed expenditure reports have been presented to the membership starting with the AGM in September 2018 and more recently in July 2019 when we shared the budget for the period April 2019 – March 2020. Our intention is to make these reports more frequent, transparent and regular. Another Finance report will be delivered at our forthcoming 2019 AGM.

2018 AGM finance report
2019-2020 budget announcement and budget document.

Have fees have gone up by 43%?

Some fees have gone up, but some fees have gone down. You now only pay the highest fee (plus an admin/upgrade fee in some cases) to be a member of BAFA. For most people who participate in more than one role this will mean a real decrease in BAFA fees to be paid. The 43% figure that has been quoted relates to Adult Contact and represents a £15 increase. This is the first increase to this fee level since 2014. This headline figure does not represent the entire picture – Youth, Junior and Cadet fees have gone down. Adult flag has gone up by £5.50. Club fees to register teams have stayed the same.

What about BAFRA Officials?

The fee for BAFRA officials is £25 per year and they should continue to pay this as part of their annual fee to BAFRA in the usual way. Renewal notices will be sent out by BAFRA in time for the 1 October renewal.

How can we give feedback?

We will be holding an Annual General Meeting on Saturday 5 October in Birmingham. A ‘save the day’ notification was sent to all National Leagues club administrators last week and further details will be shared soon. Two representatives from each club are invited to attend. Speak to your club management to make sure your voice is heard, your questions are put to the BAFA Board and that your club shares all the information presented at this meeting.

You can also contact members of the BAFA board or the relevant commission lead directly or email and your email will be passed to the appropriate area of BAFA for a response.

Stephen Jones

BAFA Director responsible for Finance




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