BAFA Share Updates to the Self-Officiating Guide

BAFA have issued two further additions to the BAFA Self-Officiating Guide – a Game Day Audit and Game Day Checklist Guidelines.


Monday, February 25, 2019

Two further pieces of the BAFA Self-Officiating Guide have been created.

Following further discussion with both BAFCA and our insurers, two further pieces of the BAFA Self-Officiating Guide have been created. They are:

BAFA Guide to Self-Officiating – appendix 1: game day audit

BAFA Guide to Self-Officiating – appendix 2: game day checklist guidelines

These documents give particular emphasis to the importance of the stand in Head Official (Referee) being an experienced coach. They also give guidance regarding the completion of a risk assessment audit by the Referee and the two Head Coaches involved in the game.

As previously stated BAFA and BAFCA are working with BAFRA to make progress on plans to hopefully eradicate Self Officiating – but in the meantime observance of these documents and the previously issued BAFA Guide to Self-Officiating are essential when no qualified officials are available.





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