BAFANL drop the hammer on the Dreadnoughts!

The league has come down hard on the Portsmouth Dreadnoughts imposing several fines. We can currently only speculate as to why Portsmouth are in BAFANL’s bad books because no explanation along with the fines has been released. We believe it may be due to the Dreadnoughts playing games without any qualified or registered level 1 coaches, however, we can currently not confirm this, when we have all the information we will release it. Information on the fines can be found in the next BAFRA Newsflash which is due to be released later this week.

The fines BAFANL have imposed are:

1) Phil Marter banned for a year, 
2) Simon Ohara banned for 3 years,
3) Jim Roberson fined £100
4) Team Disqualified/suspended for 4 games and £400 fine


Unfortunately it now looks like Bournemouth, Cornish, Farnham and Torbay will only play 9 game regular seasons due to the team being suspended for 4 games in point 4.



A Portsmouth player has shed some more light on the situation. Our source did not want to be named but he said,

“They’ve punished the team for having Jim and Simon as coaches. Jim has been in football for 45 years but he didn’t have a bafa level one, even though he had his previous portfolio of coaching. Simon isn’t eligible to get a level 1 due to some extenuating circumstances. Phil marter who was head coach is being punished for allowing it to happen. Team is being punished by being disqualified from their final 4 games.”