Birmingham Lions Share Roster Ahead of International Clash With Arlanda Jets

The Birmingham Lions continue to lead the way, not only in the British Women’s game, but Britball in general!

As announced previously, the Lions, in collaboration with some ballers from the Sandwell Steelers, are jetting off to Scandinavia this weekend to take on Swedish outfit, the Arlanda Jets.

International trips are becoming a more and more regular thing for the Lions as Birmingham continue to raise the bar – they’ve also recently shared they’ll be heading stateside in 2020 to compete in the second iteration of the Transatlantic Trophy that the Lions themselves were key in the founding of last summer!

There aren’t currently any plans from the Jets to stream the game, but keep an eye out on the Birmingham Lions Social Media for updates and any extra info and highlights!

That said, let’s take a look at the roster of ballers heading over to Sweden to rep Britball this weekend!

Birmingham Lions Roster
# Name Surname Position
2 Alice Clay DB
5 Sydney Green LB
8 Sophia Klair WR
12 Jo Kilby QB
14 Rachel Trim WR
15 Danielle Jeffery RB
16 Krysia Szybut DB
18 Natalie Parker QB
25 Ashleigh Aiston RB
28 Nancy Stone DB
34 Antoinette Morgan RB
35 Ellie Thorpe DB
37 Caley Parnell LB
38 Wiktoria Jörren DB
48 Nena Killick LB
49 Emily Foster LB
50 Laura Moore DL
51 Ellie Pike LB
52 Ciara Pinnington LB
53 Afia Law LB
54 Lisa Thomas DL
55 Amber Roberts LB
56 Phoebe Schecter LB
60 Elisha Huxtable OL
62 Alex Lilly OL
63 Mandy Dennis OL
64 Aimee Cottingham DL
65 Victoria Bone DL
66 Laura Dye OL
72 Iesha Martin OL
74 Maz Hughes OL
76 Michelle Gwynne OL
78 Katie Carroll DL
79 Marianna Lacinova DL
80 Jodie Harris WR
84 Céline Bisson DB
89 Hanna Kuisma WR
99 Alex Wadeson DL
Jade Bolton Inactive Player
Jessica Hastings Inactive Player
Karima Hector Inactive Player
Libby Davoren Inactive Player
Pao Rebelo Inactive Player
Birmingham Lions Staff
Name  Surname  Position
Jamie Kilby HC/OC OFF
James Branagh DC DEF
Burdeen Starkey AC OFF
Jason Peace AC OFF
Paul Newey AC DEF
Peter Davies AC DEF
Pups Kaur Lead Medic Staff
Kerensa Scott Medic Staff
Trevor Kilby Sideline Assistant Staff
Becky Williams Team Manager Staff
Jody Demay-Davies Team Photographer Staff


Arlanda Jets Roster
# Name Surname Position
1 Erica Mörk QB
2 Sofia Gustafsson LB
3 Jenny Sagbrant WR
4 Moa Toll RB
6 Jenny Gramenius DB
7 Emma Carlsson RB
9 Karin Segerros LB
10 Ida Olofsson DB
11 Hedvig Palocci DB
12 My Längeby WR
13 Amanda Olsson DB
15 Kajsa Sparrman WR
17 Rebecca Mörnås DK
18 Katarina Lager LB
19 Cecilia Smitt Meyer WR
20 Amanda Åslund DB
21 Sabine Rydberg RB
22 Anna Persson WR
29 Mikaela Eriksson DB
31 Emma Bendorf DB
32 Heidi Pisto RB
34 Danielle Malmquist DB
42 Gabriella Brönnegård LB
44 Yasmin El Massaoudi RB
50 Tova Magnell LB
51 Frida Löv LB
52 Anna-Karin Bengtsson OL
53 Erica Ölund OL
55 Amanda Fernbeg OL
58 Sofia Jonasson OL
65 Linn Stridsman DL
69 Josefine  Sörensen OL
71 Ellen Hellgren OL
72 Lina Ahlgren OL
76 Vanessa Hubinette OL
79 Josefine Eriksson OL
82 Josefine Damm DB
84 Clara Liljbladh DB
88 Micaela Edman DL
89 Anna Fernberg Johanesson WR
90 Malin Knoll LB
99 Nina Lindholm WR
Jasmine Holmberg Inactive Player
Evelina Damm Inactive Player
Anna Ilesanmi Inactive Player
Johanna Cedergren Inactive Player
Julia Forster Inactive Player
Arlanda Jets Staff
Name Surname Position Off/Def
Elisabeth Olsson Team Manager Staff
Ville Korhonen Head Coach DC
Jimmy Alonso Assistant Coach OC
Isac Wikman Assistant Coach OFF
Mikael Hanna Assistant Coach OFF
Tor Nyroos Assistant Coach OFF
Julia Palm Assistant Coach DEF
Mattias Grip Assistant Coach DEF
Robert Olsson Assistant Coach DEF
Will Peterson Assistant Coach DEF
Frida Löv Assistant Coach DEF
Jesper Johansson Consultant OFF
Mariella Narebo Staff
Petra Lundin Staff
Gustav Dexner Staff




Nick 'Willy Tee' Wilson-Town hails from the South West where he's spent the last decade bouncing around various teams at the university and senior level. He came to fame on the now departed unofficial forum thanks to his regularly irreverent Uniball predictions and general 'BUAFL wafflage'. Follow him on twitter @WillyTee1