#BNAs2016 | Coach of the Year with Jaguars UK

Our inaugural Coach of the Year award sees some of the most well-respected coaches in the #BritballNation alongside some of the rising stars in the British game.

There was some real passion in these nominations, showing the ability of coaches to inspire those around them.

Congratulations to all those who received nominations in this category, the comments shared by your players and colleagues does credit to you all.

The Coach of the Year Award 2016 is brought to you by Jaguars UK, as part of their mission to assist with the growth of the game in the UK, and to this end will be offering the winner of this award an exclusive opportunity to meet and learn alongside the Jacksonville Jaguars’ new coaching staff in 2017!

But without further ado, lets take a look at our Coach of the Year Nominees for 2016:

  • Aaron Alexis – Head Coach, Kent Exiles Juniors
    Led the underrated Exiles Junior side to their first National Championship
  • Adam Chamberlain – Head Coach, Bangor Muddogs, Defensive Coordinator Tarannau Aberystwyth 
    Significant improvements to the defences of those teams he has been part of, including a number of shut outs.
  • Christian Cantrill – Head Coach, Bury Saints  
    Led the Saints to an undefeated Division One Championship
  • Marco Fauslo – Head Coach, Cambridgeshire Cats
    Took the Cats from 0-10 in 2015 to to 7-3 and a postseason campaign that took them to the Division Two South Championship Finals.
  • Craig Pennington – Head Coach, Merseyside Nighthawks and Liverpool Raptors
    HC of the Overachievers of the Year, the Merseyside Nighthawks, and the Liverpool Raptors – currently at 4-0 so far this Uniball season.
  • Nick Keyse – Head Coach, Swansea Titans
    The Titans were undefeated Division One Champions in 15/16, and surprised many with their fast start to their time in the Premiership South in 16/17
  • Jim Messenger – Head Coach, Hertfordshire Hurricanes and GB Lions Women.
    Hertfordshire were 15/16 Semi-finalists and are undefeated so far in 16/17. Meanwhile the GB Lions women put in a dominant performance against Team Spain in August.
  • Alex Phillips – Head Coach, Portsmouth Destroyers
    The Destroyers went undefeated through 2016, winning a BUCS Division Two South Championship and currently undefeated through 16/17.
  • James Wilford – Head Coach Gloucestershire Gladiators, Defensive Coordinator Bristol Aztecs (inc. beat London Blitz)
    The Gladiators are undefeated so far in the 16/17 season and on course for their first Conference Championship, while the Bristol Aztecs defence put in some of their strongest performances, including holding out the London Blitz for the Aztecs first win over the London side in years.
  • Wayne Hill – Head Coach Birmingham Lions, Defensive Coordinator GB Lions 
    Head Coach of undefeated National Champions in 15/16, Defensive Coordinator for GB Lions, 2-0 in European Championships qualifying tournament.
  • Matthew Davies – Head Coach, East Kilbride Pirates Juniors
    Head Coach for the EKP Juniors side, highly unexpected Junior Britbowl runners-up.
  • Tony Allen – Head Coach, London Warriors Adult and London Warriors Women.
    Undefeated National Champions (Adult), undefeated Sapphire Series Division Two South Champions (Women’s).
  • Pete Birds – Head Coach Manchester Titans and Manchester Tyrants 
    Led the Manchester Titans to a strong showing in their return to Division One balling, and headed up the Tyrants drive to promotion in 15/16 BUCS season.
  • Lester Hopewell – Head Coach, Leicester Falcons
    Falcons went undefeated through 2016, earning themselves promotion to Division One in 2017 with a Division Two North Championship.

These nominations were shared with a panel of over 30 Britball Coaches, Players and Veterans from the breadth of the Britball Nation, with the following top four selected as standout candidates:

Top Four Coach of the Year Candidates




Nick 'Willy Tee' Wilson-Town hails from the South West where he's spent the last decade bouncing around various teams at the university and senior level. He came to fame on the now departed unofficial forum thanks to his regularly irreverent Uniball predictions and general 'BUAFL wafflage'. Follow him on twitter @WillyTee1