Britball Abroad | Matta’s Massive TD Catches Cap Off Fourth Straight Renegades Victory

Birmingham and GB Lions stand-out playmaker and EP Elite athlete Ruth Matta has continued to bust out huge plays as a member of the Boston Renegades in the Women’s Football Alliance – one of the premier Women’s American Football Leagues in the US. 

Feature image photography (c) Mitzi Velez Lorenzana

The Renegades hit the road once again this weekend, facing a team many British Women’s Football fans will potentially be familiar with – the New York Wolves, who visited our shores in 2018 in their previous iteration as the New York Sharks!

The Sharks put in an impressive performance at the Birmingham Lions’ ProCloud Transatlantic Trophy, and won the 2018 WFA Division 2 title, but have struggled in the early part of their 2019 campaign, not least due to facing the Division 1 (and nationally #1 ranked) Renegades now twice in their first four fixtures!

This second meeting between the two sides saw a much-improved scoreline for the Wolves, who lost their season-opening game in Boston 68-14. With the Renegades rotating heavily in the second half, they settled for just a single score in the final two quarters, having led 7-34 at the half… But what a score it was!

With the Boston offence somewhat handicapping itself with an uncharacteristically high number of turnovers, a strong drive midway through the fourth quarter was capped off when Ruth ‘the Rocket’ broke down the right sideline on a wheel route, burning past the linebacker covering her for a 33yd receiving touchdown! The score allowed the Renegades to keep their healthy points margin after the Wolves found paydirt early in Q4.

Indeed, Matta had proven herself a danger in the passing game throughout the first half, too. Splitting responsibilities with Renegades star Running Back Angelica Pascual, Matta opened her day on the Renegades’ second drive, as Boston essentially rode Ruth’s speed down the field, the 4′ 11″ running back taking the pigskin on four straight plays before a fake handoff to Matta allowed a receiver to break wide open for the Renegade’ second score.

Ruth’s next drive was rather shorter – in time taken off the clock at least – as early in the second quarter Quarterback Allison Cahill found Matta completely uncovered in the flats, the diminutive speedster outpacing the entire Wolves’ defence for a 94yd touchdown!

We’ll need to wait a day or two for the Renegades to release official stats, but it’s clear Matta continues to post incredible numbers, and looks set to be a key part of the Renegades’ drive towards defending their 2018 WFA Championship title!

First half stream: (check out 45minutes in!)

Second half stream: (Matta TD at 1hr 1m)

Ruth and the Renegades are next in action 18 May when they host the 3-0 Baltimore Nighthawks, 18 May, live-streamed on the Renegades Facebook page!

Launching in 2019, our Britball Abroad blog series will seek to track British ballers as they take exciting steps in their Football Journeys – choosing to play abroad, both in the various semi-pro European leagues, or stateside, perhaps with their sights set on the pinnacle of the sport: a career in the NFL!





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