#BritballWrapUp | Division Two South

What can we tell you about the Division Two South that Nana Britball herself couldn’t tell you?

The Cambridgeshire Cats had a woeful 2015. The recent Prem ballers finished 0-10 and continued their fall from top to bottom. None of us here at DC Towers backed them for any sort of success based on these struggles. They ran things incredibly close throughout the year, with five of their games being decided by less than a single score. Surely they had no chance, when the London Hornets were going undefeated, and the Wembley Stallions were keeping pace. The Ipswich Cardinals took a slight step back from 2015, going winless, but credit to them for showing up to each and every game and learning along the way.

In SFC II South, things stayed relatively competitive throughout and as a result, was one of the more entertaining conferences to follow. While the Berkshire Renegades slowly pulled away, in the most part thanks to their shutdown D which gave up only a score per game, and the Portsmouth Dreadnoughts slipping just out of reach, the Bournemouth Bobcats had a tentative hold on second place and a play off spot… until week eighteen, when they let the East Kent Mavericks back into the game, eventually losing by three spots and missing out on post-season balling. At the other end of the table, the Maidstone Pumas failed to back up their scathing open letter to DC by going winless and forfeiting two games.

Image from Oxford Saints Facebook page. Photo by Gareth Brown.

The SFC II West was home this year to one of Britball’s most impressive programmes. The quality of the Oxford Saints media and facilities are the envy of Britball, and their product on the field more than matched it. They managed to go undefeated in a division that had two 7-3 teams in the Bristol Apache and the Cornish Sharks, both of which made the post-season. The Torbay Trojans continued struggles, including forfeiting their match up with Oxford, but on a positive note, they did get their first ever win, 28-3 away to the Swindon Storm. Unfortunately for the Trojans, they dropped a game 6-0 to the rookie Jurassic Coast Raptors and finished bottom.

In the post-season, Nana Britball continued to prove that she knew better than any self-appointed experts, telling anyone who’d listen that the Cambridgeshire Cats were for real. In the quarter finals, they were one of two upsets. The #6 seeded Cats knocked off the #3 seeded Berkshire Renegades, while the #5 Bristol Apache ended the #4 seed Mavericks‘ season.

In the semi-finals, the Cats, against all expectations, travelled to the #1 seed London Hornets and shut them out in a 9-0 victory, whereas the Apache still couldn’t do enough to beat the Oxford Saints at the third time of asking.

Nana Britball’s blessings weren’t enough to overcome the trio of MauldingWalter and Glover in the final as the Cats miraculous run ended falling 24-2 to the Saints.

Bowl Winners: Oxford Saints (SFC II West)
Promoted: Oxford Saints (SFC II West), Cambridgeshire Cats (SFC II East)



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