BUCS 2019-20 Schedules Live on BUCS Play (and DblCoverage.com!)

BUCS and BAFA are pleased to announce that the schedules for the 2019/20 BUCS American Football season are now live on BUCS Play.

BUCS Play is the new central platform for all BUCS sports. Every student participating in the BUCS American Football League will need to register ahead of the new season which takes 60 seconds.

I have also ensured DC’s own full searchable and sortable University Fixtures and Standings sections are up to date as well.

Marcus Boswell, BUCS Competitions Commission lead shared the following:

Dear all,

Please know that fixtures for the BUCS American Football 2019-20 season are now LIVE on BUCS Play. Also note the below URLs for specific BUCS Regulations which Head Coaches and Presidents should pay particular attention to ahead of the new year.


BUCS Play is the new central platform for all BUCS sports to enable player affiliations, host fixtures, and administer team sheets. Team sheets as Britball know them are gameday rosters. Every team President will have to ensure they submit a team sheet via this platform ahead of each fixture, as with every other BUCS sport. ‘Institution Administrators’ (IA) within Athletic Unions (AU) or Sports Departments will be able to show how this is done.

Note: – For those with questions about ‘playing up and down’ with the introduction of Nottingham 2 & UWE 2, this is one method of monitoring player movement throughout the season.

Front-Loaded Schedule

BAFA and the BUCS SAG (Sport Advisory Group) made the conscious decision to front-load schedules to encourage fixtures to be played prior to the league deadline 23rd February 2020. With adverse weather conditions affecting many fixtures in previous seasons, 2-3 weeks have been left available in February as a buffer incase a similar situation arises for rearrangements to be facilitated.

Rearranging Fixtures

Fixtures will not be perfect to every club’s situation for a number of reasons, including;

  • academic requirements such as December-exams in Scotland or Reading Weeks
  • university term dates falling outside of a currently allocated fixture
  • home venue facility is unavailable on a certain date
  • unable to secure BAFRA game crew

It is far more practical for institutions to finetune schedules around problem fixtures. This process is completely normal across all other BUCS sports. It is the job of IAs within your AU or Sports Department to rearrange problem fixtures. It is suggested that Presidents [with Head Coach assistance where appropriate] contact your IA to highlight the date/s in question, stating the particular issue, and suggest an alternative date that works for both teams. They are as likely to contact you about the same issues. This is part of the reason for providing the fixtures 3 months ahead of the first scheduled weekend.

Best of luck with your season, and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have further questions.

Marcus Boswell | BUCS Competition Commission Lead




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