BUCS ALL-DC Premiership Team of the Year – OL

Now we move onto the most important unit on the field, the big boys, without these usually unsung heroes, all the pretty boy “skill position” guys would be walking on crutches.

All-DC Premiership 1st Team OL

Sam Jaeger – Derby Braves

Sam Jaeger
Sam Jaeger

A former Western Michigan Bronco, Sam was a bright spot on an otherwise forgetful season for the Derby Braves (despite only playing in four games). With a wealth of experience from his days in the States and in Germany with the Tollense Sharks, Sam will have provided a number of Braves with knowledge that will help them challenge the big boys of the Premiership North in the upcoming years.

Jorge Gutierrez Rubio – Stirling Clansmen

Jorge Gutierrez Rubio
Jorge Gutierrez Rubio – a two time All-DC 1st Teamer (Photo courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/Whizzyfingers)

Back to back national champion? Check. Back to back All-DC? Check. It’s been a good season for Jorge Rubio who made the move from LG to LT replacing another two time All-DC – Elliot McMahon (someone give the Stirling OL coach a pat on the back!) With Rubio solidifying the QB’s blind spot, the Clansmen O was running wild once again, posting a number of impressive scores as they rumbled over everyone who stood in their path.

Boro De La Hoz – Stirling Clansmen

Boro De La Hoz
Boro De La Hoz (Photo courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/Whizzyfingers)


Not only does Boro De La Hoz have the greatest name in All-DC history, he is also an ironman athlete for the Clansmen, playing both DT and LG. A certified ‘beast’ Boro’s mauling skills have opened up a number of holes which meant the Clansmen were able to run inside their opponents in the competitive Northern Conference.