BUCS Division Two Playoff Dates and Information

BUCS Playoff information has been shared with DC and all Uniball Head Coaches.

The playoff berth information and fixture dates for the Division Two Conferences are as follows:


Playoff Qualification:

Teams ranked first and second in each conference, along with top two third place teams qualify to regional playoffs (North/South).

First place teams are seeded #1, #2, #3 based upon record and tie-breakers.

Second place teams are seeded #4, #5, #6 based upon record and tie-breakers.

Top two third place teams (as determined by record and tie-breakers) are seeded #7 and #8 based upon record and tie-breakers

Conference Champions are automatically promoted to Division One. Playoffs have no role in determining promotion – for BUCS points and silverware only.



Playoff dates:

Quarter Finals: 5th March

North and South regional playoffs.

#1 seed hosts #8 seed
#2 seed hosts #7 seed
#3 seed hosts #6 seed
#4 seed hosts #5 seed

Semi Finals: 12th March

North and South regional playoffs

Highest seeded victors from Quarter Finals host lowest seeded victors.**

Regional Finals: 19th March

Division Two North and South Regional Championships.

Separate North and South Champions. No National Bowl game.

Highest seeded victors from Semi Finals host lowest seeded victors.**




* North = 2A Borders, 2A North , 2A Midlands.
South = 2A South, 2A South East, 2A South West

**Awaiting confirmation of whether playoffs are bracketed and thus lower seeded victors assume the seeding of higher seeded teams they beat.




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