BUCS Division Two South Predictions – Week Four

The southern section of the third tier sees some tasty games on the cards – with the unbeaten Stags and Emperors facing off in a game that could tell us a lot about how the 2A South might shape up. Meanwhile, the OBU and Gloucester matchup in the 2A South West is a potential title decider.


Chichester Spitfires v City Sentinels

Losing their first game of the season to the Burners, the Spitfires are coming off a two week bye hoping to get their first win against the 0-2 Sentinels. With a comfortably large bye to work out any holes in their game, the Spitfires will be looking to come out all systems go on Sunday against the Sentinels.

Losing their opening game by only two points to Southampton, a nasty shutout loss last weekend to BNU leaves the Sentinels hoping to turn things around this weekend against the Spitfires. We expect the Sentinels to get their young team back on track with a win in this one.

Even though the rest of DC Towers might think I’m going against the grain here, I’m backing the Sentinels to win.


Southampton Stags v UCL Emperors

Spending a few hours on a bus isn’t the most comfortable way to spend a Sunday, especially when the game is delayed due to a waterlogged pitch. This won’t affect the Stags who were in high spirits on their way back to Southampton after finding out the game had been delayed. This time off will only give the Stags more time to improve their offense.

Playing at the Stags home this weekend, the Emperors look to improve on their record and stay undefeated in their first season of BUCS competition. Beating up on the Buccaneers last weekend in a shutout 40-0 win, they will go into this brimming with confidence. The Stags are a very different kettle of fish, however, and UCL’s inexperience should tell in this one.

Stags to take the victory.


Brunel Burners v KCL Regents

Winning their opening game of the season puts the Burners in a good position this weekend to face the Regents. Scoring a comfortable 20 points yet conceding 12, the Burners will look to work on their defensive capabilities as they face the only team in the conference yet to play a game this season.

For the Regents, this extra time away from live play could prove to be a blessing or a curse. Extra time to prepare is alway useful, but delays in their schedule could end up clustering four games in as many weeks in the early and chilly part of 2017.

Brunel to cement their position as favourites in this conference and take the W.




Bristol Barracuda v Bath Spa Bulldogs

Bath Spa Head Coach Rich Lindsay takes the Bulldogs back to his old stomping grounds of Bristol off the back of a 24-8 loss to the Bobcats. The Bulldogs surely need to come out firing in this one to get themselves out of wooden spoon contention.

Cuda are 1-1 after a beat down from the Blitz and returning the favour to Aber. Bristol need to keep pace with Plymouth and a revamped Glads squad to stay in contention for the conference title.

Cuda are maintaining radio silence with everyone’s favourite UK American football media outlet that rhymes with Couble Doverage, however we will take the moral high ground and press on.

As much as a Bath Spa upset would make a great underdog story and mix this conference up, we think the Cuda will prevail and Head Coach Cooper will go to 2-1.

Cuda to come out with the W in this one.

Bristol Barracuda L

OBU Panthers v Gloucester Gladiators

This game could be a real decider in the conference. Gloucester can leapfrog the Blitz to #1, but if OBU prevail we could soon end up with a three-way fight for second place and everyone hoping Plymouth drop a game like last year.

Coach Wykes will be looking to fix the mistakes that lead to the narrow loss to Plymouth in their first game. With a great deal of defensive nous on the OBU staff, it is really their O and much hyped D-line that need to make a statement.

Coach Wilford’s Bristol-themed staff have got the Glads off to a great start but now face a real challenge for the first time. We think this is going to come down to whether the OBU D can stop the Gladiators O, currently the highest scoring in the conference.

This has the makings of a slugfest and promises to be a physical encounter. We’re going to give the edge to Gloucester, though an OBU win would make this conference really interesting.

Gloucester to win. Just.



QMBL Vipers v Greenwich Mariners

The Mariners were hit with the quite the shock in their last game given the way things have gone for them in the last 12 months. They went 7-0 and made the playoffs last season, but the realignment of the southern divisions seems to have really brought Greenwich down a peg as they were shut out comprehensively by Canterbury at home a fortnight ago

QMBL, meanwhile, will be smelling blood ahead of this game after the BUCS newbies went and recorded their first ever victory in a blowout win over Anglia Ruskin in week one. With three weeks to iron out any creases following that victory, we expect the Vipers to take the victory here and establish themselves as dark horses in the conference.

Vipers to win.


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