BUCS Finals 15/16: Head Coach Interviews – Adrian Giles, NTU Renegades

As part of our build up to the National Finals games on Sunday, we’re getting to know the head honchos behind the four programmes that will be battling it out for glory this weekend!

Next up we have Adrian Giles who’s been heavily involved with the rise of the Renegades since their single-institution split from the combined Nottingham team, and has seen the NTU team #RollPink over the cross town rivals for year after year. Long considered the ‘best of the rest’ with a wealth of All-DC talent over the years the Renegades have finally earned themselves some premiership balling for next season, with the opportunity to reopen some longheld rivalries against ex-conference mates Loughborough and Derby.

Let’s meet the pretty in pink man himself:

Since the two clubs split apart the Renegades have dominated the Nottingham rivalry games
Since the two clubs split apart the Renegades have dominated the Nottingham rivalry games

Hi Coach! Who are you and what’s your coaching background?

My name is Adrian Giles, and I’ve been involved in football for 30 years as a player and coach. I’ve coached or played with Caesars Youth, Nottingham Hoods, Derby Braves (senior team) and Nottingham Caesars.

During my time I’ve played every position at some point, started coaching Caesars Youth after I’d “graduated” to senior ball and went from there really.

How did you get into coaching American Football?

It seemed a natural progression from playing at youth level, helping the next generation with what I’d learned! …Which at the time was not much to be honest! I guess I floated rather than sank in the coaching stakes, helping Barry Boseley by player-coaching the Caesars along with others. I then got asked to assist coaching the newly formed Nottingham Trent Uni Renegades by Chris O’Dea back in 2009. I helped out on D, then took over at HC when Phil Hines moved down to London. The rest is all a blur!

Who’s your coaching hero?

Bill Belichik, I’m a Pats fan from way back in the distant 80’s so to have success for so long from a constantly evolving squad is something to aspire to.

Also have a soft spot for Pete Carroll, doing things the right way, competition is key!

Adrian Giles, NTU Renegades

What’s your coaching dream?

To do this as a full time job, whether here in UK or abroad.

What’s the single most important quality for a BUCSball coach, in your opinion?

To have an understanding “other half”. The hours this sport takes up needs a lot of tolerance from family and those around you. You can be the best coach in the country, but if your wife or partner can’t handle the hours spent prepping for practice and games, film review etc, you’ve got no chance!

Don’t know whether this fits in with this answer too, but there’s certainly some issues that need to be raised about the BUCS game:
BUCS need to appoint the appropriate amount of points to American football, we are being treated as a single team with squads in excess of 50, similar to a whole Rugby squad who can put out 4-5 teams!

Were we get the right amount of points, we’d get more respect from within our various Sports and AUs. That’s just a general gripe however, as NTUSports are actually right behind our football program! However, it’s annoying when you see other teams being treated as second class citizens!


And now our quickfire round!

Answer as quickly as possible – we trust you to be honest!

Red or Blue?


Cats or Dogs?


Offence or Defence?


Bacon or Cheese?


Blitz or Coverage?


Star Wars or Star Trek

Star Wars

Punt or Go for it?

Go for it

Rachel or Monica?


Run or Pass?


Ice him or Let him kick?

Let him kick

Hot dog or Burger?


Brawn or Brains?


Peyton or Eli?


Dodge ’em or Truck ’em?

Truck ’em

Classless winner or Classy loser?

Classy loser

1 point or 2 points?

1 point

Squat or Bench?


Fast or Strong?


Titans or Renegades?


Clansmen or Lions?


Awesome work – Cheers coach!

…Is it just me that thought we’d get a clean sweep of ‘Rachels’?

Coach Giles will be looking to avenge the Renegades 2014 loss to the Titans this Sunday in Leeds.




Nick 'Willy Tee' Wilson-Town hails from the South West where he's spent the last decade bouncing around various teams at the university and senior level. He came to fame on the now departed unofficial forum thanks to his regularly irreverent Uniball predictions and general 'BUAFL wafflage'. Follow him on twitter @WillyTee1

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