BUCS 17/18 Fixtures Update – Week Ten

With the weather still playing a factor and a bunch of missed games re-appearing on the slate, we’ll bring you any and all updates we receive regarding fixtures this weekend:


Brum-Bath fixture flipped

Contrary to the original schedule, this weekend’s Birmingham Lions / Bath Killer Bees matchup is actually the rescheduled Week Six game, as thus will be played in Bath.

The second leg, in Birmingham, will now instead be played on Wednesday 14 February  under the floodlights Рkicking off at 1830.

Burners/Saxons to be Double Header?

We’re hearing the Brunel Burners vs Sussex Saxons matchup may have been requested as a doubleheader, with the end result of the fixture essentially counting twice for each side. However, there are conflicting reports here so awaiting confirmation from the teams themselves.

It’ll be interesting to see if this is permitted, as under BUCS regs doubleheaders are seen as very much a last resort (Reg 12.3)

Soggy moggies! Cougars vs Stingers flipped due to waterlogged pitch

Hearing the Kingston Cougars home pitch has been declared waterlogged.

[Update] Luckily for both sides the game has been able to be rescheduled to Surrey’s pitch so will still go ahead.

Bombers can’t take off due to waterlogged runway

The Lancaster Bombers vs UWS Pyros game will be pushed back due to a waterlogged pitch.

This will likely leave the Bombers very hard-pressed to complete their schedule in the time remaining.




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