BUCS Hot Take: Winners and Losers

When the new potential structure for the 2015/16 season was leaked, we looked over the league and were quite impressed with what we saw.

For those who may have missed it, the league will move to three tiers. Each division will feature five teams who will most likely face each other home and away (never know, there could be some matchups between 1A – 2A teams like the older Div1, 1A format that senior ball used to use), but we’ll presume that everyone will play each other home and away.

Once we were done and dusted, we decided to list the winners and losers for the potential standings.

Agree or disagree with our thoughts? Comment below if you can think of any other winners or losers.


  • Worcester

One year after claiming their first ever victory in uniball, the Royals went one better and finished with a 5-2 record to earn their first winning season in team history. Thanks to this, Worcester will spend the 2015/16 season in 1A Midlands with NTU, Nottingham, Staffordshire and Warwickshire. Not bad for a team who once had a 32 game losing streak.

  • BUCS

When uniball moved under the BUCS banner many wondered what changes we’d see made to the league. Last year we saw the league moved to a tiered format which drew a few grumbles from people who don’t like change, but, overall, 2014/15 was rather successful. Now, with the league moving to three tiers, we should see more competitive football as teams are matched up against other teams who are at a similar level.

This leads us to our next winner…

  • Competitive football

That’s right, competitive football. Not only are the divisions based on last season’s records meaning the number of blowouts should be reduced, but the teams will face each other twice, meaning we should be in store for some highly entertaining matchups. Sure, people will be skeptical for the move to three tiers, but for those of you who may have some doubts, just look at senior ball. There are a number of competitive divisions now that the league has made the move to three tiers. We’re sure this will be the case with uniball this upcoming season.

  • Four new teams

A number of the DC staff have been involved with new teams who’ve had to go through the associate period at some point so we know how much of a relief it is to make it into the league after months of hard work. Therefore, we’d like to congratulate Edge Hill, Liverpool, Heriot Watt and East London for being accepted into the university leagues.

  • Sussex

During their sophomore season the Saxons shocked a number of teams in their conference to finish the year with a 5-2 record. Thanks to their performances last year, the Saxons will be taking part in the 1A South division while the likes of Portsmouth and Southampton battle it out in Division two. Hopefully the team can be competitive this season to prove that last season wasn’t a fluke.