BUCS Hot Take: Winners and Losers


  • Southampton

Four seasons ago the Stags made it to the national championship semi finals, ultimately losing to the Birmingham Lions. Three seasons ago the Stags made it to the Challenge Trophy final, ultimately losing to NTU Renegades. Two seasons ago the Stags finished 7-1 before losing in the national championship playoffs. Last season they finished 4-2 to finish fourth in the South East Conference. This season they’ll be in Division Two. Talk about a fall from grace…

  • Aberystwyth

A year after storming to an 8-0 record, Aberystwyth find themselves in Division 1A and once again taking on opposition from their days in the SWAC division. While most teams would normally be happy about this, news on the grapevine is that Aberystwyth are losing 17(!) starters from last season, including both of their running backs who made it into our All-DC team. It could be a long season for those Aber boys.

  • Brunel

After back-to-back 5-3 seasons, Brunel finished 4-4 last year to end up in Division Two. While the team being placed in Division Two isn’t that much of an issue, the team find themselves in our losers section after being placed in a division with Southampton, Portsmouth, Chichester and BNU. Not only are these teams rather competitive, but Southampton, Portsmouth and Chichester are a further distance away from Brunel than the likes of Greenwich, Westminster, LSBU, etc. Guess the Head Coach better have some movies sorted for the away day journeys… We’re thinking Pixar.

  • FXU and Wolverhampton

After both teams ended their 2014/15 seasons prematurely, neither will be taking part in university football for at least one season. Will either team return in the future? Maybe, but we can’t see it happening any time soon.

  • People who love to complain

People complain that there are too many blowouts/teams forfeiting – BUCS move to a tiered format based on teams records from the previous year. People complain that the games are taking too long – BUCS follows the rest of Europe and moves to 12 minute quarters. What will people have to complain about now? We’re not quite sure yet, but we can guarantee it’ll be ridiculous.